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Why Can't This Be Love (Van Halen covers)

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Oh dear. As sung in the song on all 3 versions, I too want to know "why"?


I was never fond of the sack-less Van Hagar anyway so why cover this? I guess taste is a huge variable among the masses.


Ironically the 2nd version, Amarionette,  is the best of the lot, from a band I have never heard of.

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5 hours ago, CureTheSane said:

You guys would then be the loud minority, given how well the song did.
Or maybe Diamond Dave fans ;)
Yeah, I'm always up for a Sammy vs Dave argument...

They certainly became more appealing to the masses under the Hagar regime but apart they were much better, Standing Hampton anyone?

And yes I do prefer Dave over Sam in VH, the songs were more appealing to me, kind of like the Phil Collinless Leppard. As I prefer the Willis era. To each their own.

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Van Hagar is my preferred VH.
Over here, we really didn't get too much of the earlier stuff.
Jump put them on the map, unless you were harcore 'metal' back then.
I mean when 1984 came out I was 14 or 15, so I was just moving to hard rock, getting into Kiss and Maiden etc.
I mean I Was Made For lovin' You pretty much put Kiss on the map in Australia, and then Shandi solidified them.

So VH never toured Australia with Sammy or Dave.
Sammy toured solo, and VH toured with Dave in 2013, but we never got to see the real Dave show.
In the end, I'm not a huge fan of pre 1982 stuff. There are a few songs...
More a fan of early Sammy stuff, post Montrose.
The last album they had contained a few songs. Stay Frosty is great.

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