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WILDSIDE - Formerly Known As Young Gunns


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WildSide release pre-‘Under The Influence’ tracks from 1986 to 1990 via FnA Records


Posted on January 5, 2020 by Olivier

WildSide release pre-‘Under The Influence’ tracks from 1986 to 1990 via FnA Records

Big news for fans of WildSide as the group’s early recordings preceding their critically acclaimed debut album Under The Influence have been released via FnA Records. You can purchase the new WildSide album …Formerly Known As Young Gunns directly from FnA Records‘ website.

Wildside-Album-Cover-2-e1578232394525.jpTrack List for …Formerly Known As Young Gunns:
01. I’m Gonna Get You
02. Easy As 1 2 3
03. Little Piece of Heaven
04. Cold December Morning
05. Bad Bad Girl
06. Sweet Little Sinner
07. City Of Love
08. One Touch
09. Dance Swing
10. Hot Love
11. All Over You
12. Can’t Stop
13. Here In The Dark
14. Do You Want Love
15. Seniorita

FnA Records‘ press release indicates (with slight edits):

“In 1988, at the pinnacle of the “Hollywood Hair Metal” craze, WildSide, then called Young Gunns, were sharpening their teeth, playing continuous sold out shows at clubs like the Roxy, Whisky, Troubadour, Gazzarri’s, and X-Poseur 54.  Don’t let the name fool you! While WildSide were called Young Gunns in the late 80’s and when signed to Capitol Records, it was the same exact band! The band needed to eventually change their name because producers of a western film using a similar title (released incidentally after the band was already well on its way) from Lionsgate Studios and Artisan Entertainment issued a series of cease and desist warnings and wanted $350,000 for the rights to the name. So Young Gunns changed their name to WildSide and grabbed the 80’s/90’s hair metal scene by the balls!

WildSide was on the front of every local L.A. magazine and rag and the record labels had no choice but to take notice. The band was made up of Seattle transplants Drew Hannah and Benny Rhynedance whom switched their early name from The Boyz to Young Gunns, Brent Woods from the Sunset Strip band Alrisha and bassist Marc Simon from local heroes St. Valentine. The band was rounded out by the addition of drummer Jimmy D.

Diligently writing and rehearsing in their shared Hollywood gigs, the boys played endlessly throughout 1988-1989. When they weren’t ripping through impassioned sets, they were putting up flyers on every telephone pole in town. Their self-determination turned self-promotion into an art form and soon the band’s name was on everyone’s lips. With the majority of the labels soon taking interest, Young Gunns / WildSide signed with Capitol Records and began writing music for the album that would be called Under The Influence.

After another late night Sunset Strip gig, while the guys were afterwards at the Rainbow bar, the name WildSide was thrown around and seemed to fit their lifestyle perfectly, while being inspired by the Lou Reed song of the same name.

With their new name, a new phase of the band history was about to begin. But, that’s another story…

FnA Records is pleased to release the bombastic Wildside album …Formerly Known As Young Gunns. The album is silver-pressed and consists of 15 tracks, all written before Under The Influence. The tracks are raw as hell, gritty, and full of piss and vinegar…and mostly about sex, sex, girls, sex, and more Girls. The CD booklet is a beautiful and colorful 8-page layout. The songs have been remastered and sound fantastic considering they all come from band demo cassettes… you won’t be able to tell the difference.

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I spoke to Benny earlier today and here's what he said about it:

"The guy from FnA flat out stole all our junky shit demos from 1986. 87, and 88 and made a cd to rip people off with. Songs that Drew and I wrote in our first L.A. band, prior to anything WildSide. One of the songs was from 1984 back in Seattle! Marc and Jimmy weren't even in the band for ALL of these songs. I don't get what it is?? Straight up thievery. Who is gonna buy this YouTube bootleg? Im gonna take all my early Van Halen recordings, make my own release and put it out, Good gawd.. "

" I talked to that FnA guy in 2016, and told him to contact Capitol to get a license if he was an actual record company and wanted to do a release, and write up a contract and pay band members. Guess he decided to just steal everything and pay no one. I think he might have something going w Drew, as I'm seeing some of these CDs signed by him. How many of these things will he sell? My guess? Maybe 67 if he's lucky."

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When I told him it was already on pirate sites for free download, he said

" I know. Thats where the guy got it from! What's worse is how bad the songs are. They were ideas Drew and I had from when we were still teens and had no clue how to write an interesting rock song. It's just soooo bad. Who are these vultures out there, always circling thinking they're gonna get rich off WildSide. Wild who??? Exactly."

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