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BulletBoys reunion


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Original BULLETBOYS Lineup To Perform At Kentucky's '80S ROCK THE DAM FEST

December 11, 2019

The original lineup of BULLETBOYS — presumably consisting of Marq Torien (vocals), Mick Sweda (guitar), Jimmy D'Anda (drums) and Lonnie Vencent (bass) — is being advertised as one of the performers at the third annual '80s Rock The Dam Fest, set to take place July 25, 2020 at Beaver Dam Amphitheater in Beaver Dam, Kentucky. Also scheduled to appear at the event are headliners RATT and Lita Ford.

Earlier today, Norway's Live Wire Booking & Management revealed that BULLETBOYS had canceled a number of shows between January and March 2020, including several dates in Norway and Denmark, because the band's most recent lineup — consisting of Torien on lead vocals and lead guitar, Nick Rozz on guitar, Chad MacDonald on bass and Anthony Tiny Biuso on drums — had broken up.

This past September, vocalist Andrew Freeman, who had previously played with Sweda, D'Anda and Vencent in LIES, DECEIT & TREACHERY, stated in an interview with Metal Central that a reunion of the original BULLETBOYS lineup was in the works.

The original BULLETBOYS lineup previously reunited for a one-night-only New Year's Eve weekend show on December 30, 2011 at Hollywood, California's Club Vodka at the legendary Key Club on the Sunset Strip. Marq later told Australian journalist Steve Mascord about the performance: "It was a wonderful, wonderful night — a magical night. It was for one night only, to get together for the fans right before the New Year."

He added, "I love Jimmy and Mick and Lonnie — very much so. We're all like brothers; sometimes we're feuding, sometimes we're loving, sometimes we're not talking. But we made some amazing music together. And it was just a wonderful night, man. And hopefully we'll be able to come, at some point, to some resolve in the future to hopefully play some more shows. I know I'm open to it. I know I would love more than anything to continue on with it with my three other mates."

BULLETBOYS was one of the prominent bands in the flourishing Hollywood metal scene during the late 1980s, with numerous smash hits such as "Smooth Up In Ya", "For The Love Of Money" and "Hang On St. Christopher" off the group's platinum-selling classic self-titled debut and follow-up, "Freakshow", dominating both MTV and radio airwaves.

Torien image courtesy of YouTube user The Attitude


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Dunno what to think as apart from their debut album I was never that much of a fan of the other releases apart from THC Grooove from Freakshow but i'll give em a chance and as Alpha pointed out Lies, Deceit, & Treachery sounded very good indeed in their short lived career.

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10 hours ago, Geoff said:

This doesn't mean anything at all to me unless they announce recording plans. 


It's Official: Original BULLETBOYS Lineup Reunites For More Than 50 Shows, New Music

December 12, 2019 39 Comments

It's Official: Original BULLETBOYS Lineup Reunites For More Than 50 Shows, New Music

It's official: the original platinum-selling BULLETBOYS lineup, featuring Marq Torien, Mick Sweda, Lonnie Vencent and Jimmy D'Anda, is returning in 2020!

The hard rockers will kick off the reunion with a hometown gig on December 30 at their old haunt, the Whisky a Go Go in West Hollywood. Aside from one show in 2011, this original lineup has not performed together since 1993.

"I would never have guessed this reunion would have come about, but the world seems to have its own plan filled with peace, love and kindness," says guitarist Mick Sweda. "And lots of ass kicking!"

Add vocalist Marq Torien: "I am completely ecstatic about this rad magical new beginning for us. It's on!"

BULLETBOYS formed in 1988 at the very peak of the Los Angeles glam metal movement. As a collection of talented musicians, BULLETBOYS were able to quickly capture the attention of music fans around the world. Unlike other rockers of the day, the BULLETBOYS possessed more hard rock-blues fusion than pure hair metal. Thanks to comparisons to the likes of AEROSMITH and VAN HALEN, talent scouts came running and the band quickly received their first major label contract.

BULLETBOYS' self-titled debut was released in 1988 via Warner Bros. and peaked at number 34 on the Billboard 200. The album spawned two hit singles, a cover of the O'JAYS classic "For The Love Of Money" and "Smooth Up in Ya", both of which charted on the Mainstream Rock chart and saw regular airplay on MTV. BULLETBOYS went on to release two more albums, 1991's "Freakshow" and 1993's "Za-Za", before splitting up.

The reunited BULLETBOYS is booked by noted agency ARM Entertainment. More than 50 shows are currently in the works in the U.S. and around the world. BULLETBOYS also promises to deliver new music in the coming year.

"All's well and ends well," bassist Lonnie Vencent says. "BULLETBOYS 2020! Pigs are flying!"

Says drummer Jimmy D'Anda: "Does anybody remember laughter!?"

BULLETBOYS tour dates:

Dec. 30 - West Hollywood, CA @ Whisky a Go Go
Apr. 19 - West Hollywood @ Rainbow Anniversary Party
Jul. 25 - Beaver Dam, KY @ Rock The Dam Fest

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Cool. I get a little tingle in my heart when these guys can put aside whatever crap went in on the past and get back together to remember the good times and what the accomplished together. Something sweet and sexy about it. I'd be surprised if they produced a good new album, but I'd love it if they actually did it. 

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