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Forgotten Hard Rock Albums: Young Turk - N.E. 2nd Ave. (1992)


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This is a different forgotten album. This is the shit that destroyed our genre. It was this cassette that I bought without knowing these guys that was the sign of the end. Never liked any of this trash. Very poor alternative rock. Only one comment on this on the main site. That tells you how terrible this release was. https://heavyharmonies.com/cgi-bin/glamcd.cgi?BandNum=5477&CDName=N.E.+2nd+Ave.

Anyway, here's some of the great tunes on this one:






































Oops..... okay..... they were none. But here's a few tracks for your listening displeasure:






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lol. I'm surprised I never put a harsh comment on the front page of this site. I guess it wasn't even worth the effort, lol. But yep, they were rubbish. Really bad. Awful CD.

Am I having a memory lapse, or was there a demo floating around, or was it even released, of these guys in the 80's when they were a fully dolled up glam band? I think there may even have been a decent track on it? 

Yep, it was called 'Do You Know Where Your Daughters Are? EP' and according to my ratings it was actually pretty good. Five songs, from 1987. I'll have to see if I can find it... 

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yeah I too made the mistake of buying this shit bag CD, but I was lucky as I found it for like $3 in a pawn shop, still It was one of those I think I listened to the first 20 seconds of each track then ejected it, and god knows where it went, it wasn't forgotten, it just fucking blew, and nobody ever knew about it to forget it!

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Anybody ever heard this? Shelved after 3 members arrested for having sex with an underage girl in Wisconsin? 



Promo tape. This album never got officially released.

Produced by Carl Canedy (Manowar, Thrasher, Jack Starr, The Rods, Worked with Anthrax, Exciter, Overkill, Helstar, Possessed, TT Quick etc).

The Story: When the album was completed, they went on a U.S. tour to promote it's impending release. After a show in Wisconsin they went back to their motel and partied with fans, including a teenage girl who engaged in sex with some of the band members. Under Wisconsin law, consensual sex with a minor is considered rape. Rhett and two other Young Turk members were arrested after the girl told her mother why she was out all night. "I can't say for sure what happened with the label," Rhett says, "but I know the folks at Geffen told us the record was great, then after that they put a freeze on it and it never came out."

Biography: Young Turk was a Miami based band that started out as a Rock band with a sleeze rock feel sort of like Poison but with out all the big hair, spandex and make-up. When they came out they had great sounding tunes that could stand up to any of the typical Metal/Rock tunes of the 80's. Their first release was a album entitled "Do you know where your daughters are?". It was a great first effort equipped with memorable songs.Soon to follow was a 2nd unsigned release from YOUNG TURK entitled "Train to Nowhere". In 1991 Young Turk with the help of Neon City Productions released "Tired of Laughing", another good release from the band. As time went on into 1992 Young Turk signed up with major recording label Virgin Records and released its first official CD entitled "N.E. 2nd Ave.". The musical style from Young Turk on this release went in a separate direction than their previous works put out years prior. On "N.E. 2nd Ave" they matured and it showed with the quality of music present on this CD. They were categorized as alternative rock but when one listens to the CD it clearly shouts out in the style of great classic rock with a twist of Miami. The influences on this CD are obvious when heard and best of all, it works, it works very well! On the song entitled "Baby Ah " one can hear the style of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. Other notable influences heard on this CD are the styles of John Bohnam and Jimmy Page and at other times you feel the presence of Lou Reed. All the songs on this release are filled with emotion, feeling and passion. Every song is worthy of a soundtrack to life as we know it, bringing real urban characters and their situations to life. To sum it up the "N.E. 2nd Ave." release is a great rock CD from a great band. A band that I feel was way ahead of it's time for if this release came out today, it most surely would be a top contender.

Rhett O'Neil - Vocals
Eddie Oliva - Guitar
Michael Alexander - Guitar
Billy McKelvy - Bass
Rick Diaz - Drums
1. Memories of May
2. Death of a Salesman
3. Somewhere in the Middle
4. For No One in Particular
5. Who's Gonna Stop the Rain
6. Long Ago
1. Disinauguration Day
2. Tired of Laughing
3. A Little Symphony
4. Do You Have Ambitions
5. Love Me Like a Suicide
6. I Don't Mind

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