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Viana - Forever Free


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From Escape Music:

Stefano Viana is an Italian guitarist, songwriter and producer who has already caused a stir with his first album “Viana” (2017) which received very positive reviews. Following his passion with enthusiasm Stefano contacted singer and producer Bryan Cole (Giant, Steel City, solo artist) and started to work on new material. Alessandro Del Vecchio was the vocalist on the first outing but this time Bryan Cole is at the mike stand. The music was recorded in a studio like in the “good old days” and this has made a great impact on the end result as the musicians have bonded and made a richer sound.

This new album features some great musicians such as Terry Brock and Francesco Marras and also boasts the talents of great American guitar player John Roth from Giant, Winger and Starship. The 10 tracks we have here are all strong songs, there are no fillers here.. just great melodic hard rock played with a passion and flair. This is one album that is going to be talked out in the coming weeks.

Keep the flame of your passions alive and be “Forever Free”….

Bryan Cole – Lead Vocals / Backing vocals (Giant, Steelcity, Marc Scherer and Jennifer Batton “Battlezone”,and solo artist)
Stefano Viana – Guitars
Terry Brock – Backing vocals (duet on “Do you remember”)
Anna Portalupi – Bass  (Hardline, Terry Brock)
Adam Ernst  – Drums
Francesco Marras – Guitar
Pasquale India - Keyboards

Special Guest: John Roth (Winger, Starship), lead guitar on “Heart of Stone” and “Forever Free” and second solo part “Do you remember”

Mixed and Mastered by Alessandro Del Vecchio
Produced by Stefano Viana & Bryan Cole / vocals produced by Terry Brock



Release Date: 25th January 2019 
Catalogue No: ESM326 

Track list: 

1- Forever Free  4:15

 2- In the name of Love 3:55

 3- Heart of Stone 5:26 

4- We can’t choose 3:38

 5- Who do you think you are 4:39

 6- Live Free or Die 4:15

 7- Do you Remember 4:59

 8- Friday Night 3:39

 9- I Wanna tell you 4:19

 10- We will never say goodbye 4:47

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23 hours ago, Stefan said:

Three words:




Okay, I understand. 15 words, though;


















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