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PRETTY MAIDS writing new album


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YUM! This is what I look forward to from Mr Atkins, as decent as Nordic Union can be at times. But this is clearly where his passion truly lies, and it shows in the output. 

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1 hour ago, Glen said:

I do hope it's more up to Pandemonium standard.

Motherland was excellent but a slight step down

last album had a few fillers imo.

Fingers crossed 


Last album was pretty good but I didn't care for the last 1/4 of it.  Didn't like Sickening and Civilized Monsters back to back....Both skips every time for me.  Motherland had a few songs too that I never listen to.

So excellent stuff spread across the 3 albums though.  I think each one has 5-6 absolutely killer tunes.  

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Last album was a little behind the previous two, but it's always a good, interesting product. I'm in the eternal hope that they will one day release an album with a ratio something like 6:4 melodic songs compared to heavy ones... but I've been wishing for that for about 23 years or so... 

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30 minutes ago, Glen said:

like Jump the gun you mean?? Yes that would be nice lol. 

Yep, it was pretty much 'Jump The Gun' that was the last one like that. 'Sin Decade' is a 50/50 one. That had a good 50/50 split and probably just favoured the more melodic stuff, so I could live with that. But yeah, since then it's been a ride. When they're good they're good though. In fact, when they're good they're sublime. 

'Jump the Gun' is amazing, though. 

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