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The Facebooking and Twitterzing of the Interwebz continues...


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... and it's pissing me off.

Last month, the MLB shut down ALL team message boards, redirecting fans to use social media.

The philly.com board is shutting down on June 30.

The official New York Giants message board is shutting down in July.

Social media is a toxic virus filled with SJWs and triggered millenials. You can't speak your mind without a Twitter mob of offended people descending upon you.

Not to mention that the social media format just plain SUCKS for long-term discussion. Its entire focus and intent is just on what is happening this very instant, and once it scrolls off of today's feed, good luck trying to find it ever again. Continuity is lost entirely.

God, I hope the age of social media ends. I loathe it.


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'Antisocial' media - I like that.

It's a great site.

But I'd still think of it as 21st C social media as it's connecting people socially around the world via digital means/media who would never have been likely to touch base with each other otherwise :blahblah:

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Sometimes I'm curious about peoples' reactions to or thoughts on a Youtube video or a post on Instagram so I'll scroll down to read the comments but 99% of them are ''I love so and so'', ''Coooooooooool'' a bunch of stupid emojis or ''Come to Brazil'' which sucks, no discussions or original thoughts

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I too much prefer message boards, for whatever subjects. Social medias like Facebook, twitter and all the others can be ok for keeping up with old friends or family. Unless you only have a page that only allows for how you think and react and all your "friends" feel like you do then there is too much fighting to enjoy it. Too many are intolerant and would rather cause problems than look for solutions and "play nice'. ;)

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I started at the Metal Edge board.
When that ended most of everyone went to Metal Exiles - created by those who were at Metal Edge.
Eventually that also died, so I drifted for a while, dabbling at Melodic Rock, but that seemed to be way on the side of AOR pretty much only so never really settled there, but it was an ok source of info.
Next I ended up at Sleaze Roxx, run by Skid who was at both of the previous boards. Then Skid moved on, and someone else took over. Soon enough that board was cancelled, and here was my next stop.

This board seems to cover most of my musical tastes.
I'm regularly hitting threads with bands I'd not heard of which turned out to be way to AOR for me, but also discover many new bands that are perfect for me.

I don't use Facebook and other social media for conversations on bands. Just doesn't work for me for some reason.

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  • 1 year later...

Ironic that I find myself resurrecting 2 year old threads to talk about how social media has changed things but...

I've been logged in for about 2 hours now, and i've hardly looked at Facebook in that time (I never did join Instagram or Twitter - I had enough negativity from YouTube that I didn't need to get involved in that stuff)

And honestly, I've enjoyed what I've read on here more than what I see in the news feed on there.

I think....message boards might be like vinyl, in that we initially replaced vinyl with CDs, because they were more efficient and convenient, but then with CDs being digital and convenient, we naturally progressed to digital downloads (which was a phase I abhorred personally), and then to streaming music....which is like digital downloads without having to pay for each album individually, and is the most convenient way of getting music now. 

However, it's too much - there is too much music to choose from, it's too easy to swap albums half way through, and most people don't even use Spotify to listen to full albums anymore, but they make shuffle playlists, or just listen to one or two tracks off an album before moving on

Which is why, I feel, vinyl has made a huge comeback over the last 5-10 years. I think that people started to miss the feeling, the experience, of buying an album they can hold in their hands, and putting it on the platter, then having to flip the record half way through...when you listen to vinyl, you can't even skip tracks without standing up, so it makes the whole experience that much more kinetic and real

I think that message boards will come back into fashion as we start to see social media become more and more generalised and streamlined - I'm already frustrated by Facebook's algorithms, deciding what they think I may or may not be interested in...and I'm definitely fed up of the huge contrast in opinions and types of people on these social media platforms

I feel, and kinda hope, that the old fashioned form of internet communication will become more popular over time, to help fill the void that Facebook has left....the same way vinyl came back when streaming services, albeit the most efficient way of listening to music, replaced the experience of listening to an album

I think people are going to start to miss the focus that boards like this have

I mean....I know that's why I'm here right now...but maybe that's just me  :tumbsup:

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