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Forgotten Hard Rock Albums 3: Lostboys "Lost & Found"


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Our next band in the series in Lostboys. Another blind buy for me back in March of 1990. I thought the album cover was cool and the song titles sounded rocking. While I do like some of this disc, it didn't really do a lot for me overall.

Here are some of the highlights:





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I was given this album as a birthday gift back in '91 by my cousin. He was right into our type of music and the fact that he didn't own this, but was willing to give it to me was very touching............. then i heard it.

I too was very eager to hear it after seeing the cover and song titles, but alas,  it was terrible. I tried to give it a go but the vocals were a deal breaker. I always suspected that my cousin had purchased it for himself, but then palmed it off to me after hearing it. I should have known. This was back before being able to burn CD's and we were all quite competitive when it came to owning great discs. The idea of giving someone a killer album that you didn't own yourself was unheard of.


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32 minutes ago, AlphaMale said:

Yeah, the vocals are a real killer on this.

What no love for THE Randy with his illustrious lineage as the voice of Odin and for wearing pants with no butt in them so he can quote "ventilate his scrotum"?


That said this record is quite flat and obviously Odin and this solo effort went over like a fart in church hence the obscurity.

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I put this on a couple of months ago remembering it had a few good tracks. Some ok still to this day but ummm, not a very good album and hasn't aged well. Glad you're enjoying it though!

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