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Denman - The Life We Live EP


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I really liked the EP a lot. News of a new album is very exciting. Okay new song... though not great, lol. I hope the rest is (a lot) better. 

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American hard rockers DENMAN just released their debut full-length album "Raw Deal". Founded by brothers Ben (Vocals, Guitars) and Dakota Denman (Guitars), the four-piece released an EP a couple years ago, and now it's time for a full disc of completely new material recorded with the help of legendary producer Beau Hill.

If you’re looking for a band which sounds exactly like the 1980s, then you will want to listen to Denman. There isn’t an American act out there right now that sounds more ’80s than Denman.


01. Higher
02. Alive in Overdrive
03. Another Day
04. Call of the Wild
05. Nighttime Jungle
06. Dreams Stay Alive
07. Down Comes the Wall
08. Gunslinger
09. Pedal to the Metal
10. Prison City

Ben Denman - Vocals, Guitars
Dakota Denman - Guitars
Ted Karol - Drums
Robbie Crede - Bass

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I love these guys and look forward to getting their new release.  I've liked the samples that I heard so far.  For some reason, this is a band that I have really taken a likening to.  I love their sound.  It's nothing new but it kicks ass.

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I was actually really disappointed with this. Such an average album of poor hard rock and even poorer metal. Such a letdown after that really cool, authentic 80's commercial hard rock EP. The quality of songs has dropped immeasurably.  

These are my (weak) favourites of a bad bunch;






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