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Is anybody familiar with this band?


Looks like they released 3 albums


Trixie, Shelter, and Lift You Up



Sounds pretty decent at first listen...












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There are a couple of other projects that are associated with this band due to the singer, Ronnie Borchert.

As Ronnie he recorded a solo album and as the singer of Amsterdam.

As Marcus Allen Christopher he recorded with Miss Crazy and Freakshow.


All have slightly different sounds though.

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I liked the debut Trixie album best, by far. I believe it was recorded back in the day, as a band, and it sounded that way. The other two albums were nice, but a bit safe and didn't have the sound of the original band anymore. They sounded more like a vocalist with a bunch of session musicians... which is basically what it was.


I like all this guy's stuff that Howdy mentions up there. It's all good solid stuff, but if you asked me to pick even three stand out songs from all of those projects, I couldn't actually do it. It's all around the 70% mark. It'd basically read like this:


1. 'Last Chance'

2. 'Baby'

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