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Debbie Ray - American Nightmare


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That is nice. Singer should have played a bass in the video as the bass is thunderous in the tune and needs somone playing it. Nice production too.


Really good pick-up, mate. I rarely watch the videos (unless there's a sexy lady in it) and just play while I do something else, so I probably didn't watch this one to notice, but what a huge omission. Who do they think they're playing for? What a rookie error to have the bass player absent. I don't like it, one bit. It's just silly when you think about it properly.

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Debbie ray band is awesome. They had a great album called american nightmare with hardly a dog on it. here's a few of noteworthy videos to check out. It's the best hard rock/glam/punk combo I ever heard. They said a new album was suppose to come out last fall, still waiting tho.






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just for info; This CD just got released on the 29/09/2017

01. American Nightmare
02. Slave to the System
03. All We Need Is Rock n'roll
04. Too Late to Pray
05. Made to Cry
06. Way out of Wasteland
07. Sorry!
08. Beautiful Monday
09. Promises
10. Find Myself
11. Gotta Get It Right
12. Living Without You


debbie ray.jpg

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