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That's pretty nice.




01. Intro
02. No Way Out
03. Hold Me Closer
04. Wherever You Are
05. Walking On The Edge
06. Black Angel
07. Blinded By Faith
08. The World Goes Round
09. Goodbye Yesterday
10. Dry Your Eyes On Me
11. I Am
12. No More Lies
13. Point Of No Return




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that really sounds good! I will check this out! :guitar:


Aren't there moments that singer sounds a little like the singer from Barren Cross?

Listened/ing to that Hold Me Closer song over and over and it is certainly well on its way to song of the year.


As for the voice I am trying to place it, could be BC, almost hear some Dio and even Dickenson in there too.

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Sounds rather good to me. I'd definitely like to check it out.


A couple of things I must say:


1. How does it ever fall through the cracks that a music video is shot where the lead singer does not have a mic? Doesn't every single person, including the vocalist, realise and see how horribly awkward this video looks without the mic? It is a wretched thing to watch.


Good tunes, though.

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News from Lions Pride Music:


Lions Pride Music is happy to announce the signing of King Of Bones to the label for the release of the bands second studio album, Don’t Mess With The King, and for the bands debut album to be reissued later on. The band original hails from Sao Paulo in Brazil and plays straight forward heavy metal/hard rock in the veins of Pretty Maids, Blue Murder, etc.

Band Bio;

Blending Hard Rock with Heavy Metal, King Of Bones is very influenced by the likes of Dio, Ozzy Osbourne, Whitesnake, Dokken, Harem Scarem, Blue Murder and Adrenaline Mob. The band could express their own personality on their latest album "We Are The Law" wich was recorded at Norcal Studios, in São Paulo (Brazil) and the record was produced and engineered by Brendan Duffey and Adriano Daga.

They gained such a positive feedback from the press and industry professionals and they're on its way building a solid fan base. Along with the Brazilian repercussion, the group managed to expand borders, achieving high-mark reviews and radio airplay at different radio broadcasters and web-based radios in many countries, like the U.S, England, Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Portugal and Poland.

Actually, King of Bones is enjoying the results of all their hard work giving his best at stage and working even more for the upcoming album that will be released until the early of 2016.

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  • My Little Pony

See what happens when we start talking about a band, BOOM! They get picked up. ?

Yeah, we should be careful to only talk about good bands from here on out. ;}

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