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Jim Breuer and the Loud & Rowdy - Songs From The Garage


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From rollingstone.com:


Comedian and heavy metal diehard Jim Breuer has released "Be a Dick 2Nite," the first offering from his upcoming debut album, Songs From the Garage, out May 27th via Metal Blade Records.


The shredding story-song finds Breuer recounting the drunk antics of a deadbeat metalhead friend, who fires off roman candles at a club bouncer, gets hit by a car and then vomits on the ride home.

While much of "Be a Dick 2Nite" is spoken word, Breuer busts out an impressive wail during the chorus that shows Songs From the Garage isn't just a stand-up showcase with metal riffs.


The 11-track Songs From the Garage was produced by Rob Caggiano, who also plays guitar in Breuer's backing band, the Loud and Rowdy, along with bassist Joe Vigliotti and drummer Mike Tichy. As promised, the album will also feature two guest appearances from AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson, who lends his vocals to "My Rock n Roll Dream" and "Mr. Rock n Roll." A complete track list and album art are below.

"I wrote this album as if I was in the audience," Breuer tells Rolling Stone. "I like old-school, riff-driven, hard rock music with big hooks! I feel this album is exactly that!"

Breuer has long documented his love of heavy metal in his comedy and can break out a litany of spot-on metal frontman impressions. But Songs From the Garage isn't a one-off indulgence: Breuer and the Loud and Rowdy have played several shows over the past few years — as the Jim Breuer Band — including sets at Rock on the Range, Metallica's Orion festival and the famed German metal fest Wacken Open Air.

Breuer also plans on making videos for every track on Songs From the Garage and will hit the road in support of the LP.











1. Thrash
2. Raising Teenage Girls
3. Old School
4. Be a Dick 2nite
5. My Rock n Roll Dream
6. Mr. Rock n Roll
7. Who's Better Than Us?!
8. Family Warrior
9. Sugar Rush
10. Wannabe
11. The Unexplained



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