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Last Autumn's Dream - Paintings


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New album out December 16th.



  • My Mistake To Make
  • Bring Out The Heroes
  • Out Of Love
  • Too Late
  • Take It On The Run
  • Won’tcha Stay The Night
  • An Eye For An Eye
  • Bitter Blue
  • In Case Of Landing On Water
  • Rock Star Crazy
  • Even When I Hate You (Japanese bonus)


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Song sounds like all their other ones which are all pretty okay, but overkill is a huge issue for this band when what they release really just isn't that great, imo, of course. You need a break from this kind of stuff, but the constant barrage of releases every year (and on a couple of occasions twice in one year, amirite?)... it's just too intense. I have no doubt that there will come a day when this band has the biggest discography in history.

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I think this came out in the dying stages of 2015, didn't it? It's a typical LAD album... I think I actually liked it a bit better than a few of their recent ones... but it's still more of the same, whether you like or dislike that idea.

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