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Dirty Rhythm reunion?

Jacob M.

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If this were a possibility how many people would be excited about it? I know that since I've been out here (Portland, Oregon) I have been paying more attention to them. I discovered that a reunion and new material came close to happening. Unfortunately it fell apart. They still plan on rereleasing their two albums.


I would love to see it happen. If they did continue on it would likely be with another vocalist. While that is not the preferred route it's still better than no reunion at all. If you like Dirty Rhythm like them on FB and let them know you are a fan.

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I can't even remember the one from Suncity, but yeah, that basically means I didn't think much of it at all. 'Hard as a rock' is a good album, though.


Honestly, a reunion without the vocalist means nothing to me. Dude had some pipes.

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As much as I like "Hard As A Rock", (and I do like it) we don't really need this do we?

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I am somewhat surprised by the lack of enthusiasm. The guys in the band really want to do this. It's the singer that's the holdout. Understandably so they are having difficulty moving forward without him. So it probably won't happen. If it did that would be spectacular. Could you imagine being in a city and have the opportunity to see a band the caliber of Dirty Rhythm regularly? That just doesn't happen any more. So for me the possibilities are exciting.


As for Never Cleaned Up. I take it for what it is. Leftover tracks from Hard As A Rock. The songs are solid, but nothing spectacular.

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