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Skintrade (Alfonzetti) - Scarred For Life


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New album out now.


From AOR Heaven:

SKINTRADE are back, which was unmistakably evident with their 2014 comeback output "Refueled". Swedish hard rock outfit of singer Matti Alfonzetti (JAGGED EDGE), which was able to have remarkable success in the midst of the nineties in many respects, are back with a vengeance. At the end of the day, there's a really good hard rock album with a lot of attitude and craftsmanship. Ten fresh but typical SKINTRADE-songs, each of them hard to categorize because they touch the grounds of BON JOVI ("Find A Way") as well as D:A:D ("Goodbye"), sometimes remind a little bit of Alternative Rock ("LoveHate") but then sound a bit like Melodic Hard Rock of the eighties ("Broken"), can be found on the record. At the end of the day despite all shades, "Scarred For Life" will satisfy all fans, old and new alike. Each song is supposed to be played live and the total absence of keyboards is not bad at all. Alfonzetti never sounded that good and the lively production is really convincing these days where often soulless sounds are widespread. A solid piece of rock!




Matti Alfonzetti - Vocals, guitars

Stefan Bergström - Guitars, backing vocals

Håkan Calmroth - Bass

Håkan Persson - Drums, backing vocalse:











1. Scarred for Life


3. Wide Awake

4. Lay With Me

5. Find A Way

6. LoveHate

7. Leave A Scar

8. Broken

9. Storm Will Come

10. 15 Minutes Gone



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The video is a cover from the s/t track from Katy Perry.


I've listened to it yesterday. It didn't make the cut for me, except 3 tracks.


I don't know if I was preoccupied, though, from the latest Degreed release which I listened 3-4 times in a row prior to this.

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Song is half okay... just not sure why this project is being sustained when it was Alfonzetti's weakest of all his work. Jagged Edge again, please? Or how about he resurrects Bam Bam Boys?! :lol:

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