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Yardstones - these guys impressed me at swedenrock


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This is great! Nice one LIndsay, another great find.


Whole album is up on Youtube too and sounds good. No reviews online that I can find ... hoping I can get to review it.

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Saw these guys open up at about 11am one morning at swedenrock this year. Really impressed me live, so trying to dig up their cd.



Any luck, Lindsay? I sent a message on FB, but haven't had a reply.

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I got a reply but with shipping it was gonna cost me almost $40!!!!!


That's mad. Download it is then. No idea where from though...


Why would a band make their music so far to get hold of? Kind of defeats the object, doesn't it?


Still loving the tunes though. Can listen to the whole thing here and the first few tracks seem really good. Nice vocals and f***ing great guitar work.


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i did ask about sending unregistered to see what the cost came down too. no response yet/


btw, here's a few shots I took of the guys at swedenrock. (and the guitars were awesome live aswell)





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Awesome photos, mate.


Thank you sir Geoff.


I actually hired a lens with a decent zoom to take to the festival. Worth about $3k, but a few hundred bucks to hire for a few days. Problem is... now I want one!



Haha. I know that feeling. When I was on Kangaroo Island two years ago a guy let me borrow his super zoom lens to take photos of seals for a little while. Very similar scenario to you, hey? :lol: But yeah, it's hard to give the lens back when you're done... but by christ those things are expensive!

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  • 3 months later...

Shoulda grabbed the cd when I was at swedenrock.... still have not manged to get my hands on a copy

You should email the band again as I am sure they have many to unload now that the singer is moving on...


I got mine from the band and a shirt for a very meager price.



Yardstones with Noah Andréasson and 4 others.

We’d like to thank everyone who came out to Metal På Bruket and saw our last show with Jim Lantz as our lead vocalist! We love you all!

A special thanks to Robin Jidhed who booked us, and to the working staff at the event!

We wish Jim all the best of luck with future projects and in life. We want you all to know that we go our separate ways as brothers and that we love each other! There are no bad feelings between us, and we’re all still very good friends who care about each other!

Yardstones will keep going strong, we’re currently writing songs for our second album and plotting for the future of the band! We’ll come back stronger than ever with awesome new material and a fitting replacement on lead vocals!

Keep it real!

/Adde, Sankt, Frankie and Noah


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    • Interesting what bands catch on this forum and the ones that don't. To me, this is a pretty good band and I'm a bit surprised, on a forum where bands like Shiraz Lane and Bad City are appreciated, there seems to be no interest in these guys. Good band that does, for whatever reason, remind me of the likes of the aforementioned Bad City.  There's a bit of hit and miss about the debut and it's far from perfect, but a pretty cool band worthy of mention and interest on a forum such as this.  Anyway, this was one of my favourites of the album- For die-hards, I stumbled across this non-album track.  
    • New video for 'I Will Be Stronger' feat. Joel Hoekstra.    
    • Very nice piece of modern rock on offer here. Lot to like on this one.  Fame on Fire     -    Welcome to the Chaos 1    .    Intro 2    .    Welcome to the Chaos (feat. Spencer Charnas of Ice Nine Kills) 3    .    Ketamine 4    .    Cut Throat 5    .    Emo Shit (feat. Kody Lavigne) 6    .    Lost In Doubt 7    .    Robbery 8    .    Signs 9    .    Plastic Heart 10    .    Rotting Away 11    .    Back Then 12    .    Jaded 13    .    Dead or Alive      
    • Welcome, album of the year? Love this project with vigour. I snuck 'Saturday' on the playlist I put on with the kids in the car, lol. Can't wait to hear any of the songs I haven't already heard and showered in love from this. 
    • Did anyone notice these guys released another new album?  As expected, it's pretty weak and more proof of their solid decline.  HOWEVER!  There is actually a good song on it. It's only one, but I kind of clapped and cheered when I heard this. I used to love these guys so much, and still love the albums I always loved from these guys but it's been some barren years. It was good to hear them do what they used to do with great ease.      
    • Couple of okay songs, but otherwise as expected above. No surprises, exactly what you'd expect from these guys in 2022.     
    • Not every song is a hit, but another pretty decent one mini-album. I like some of the gear on this one.  Villain of the Story     -    Divided 1    .    Never Again 2    .    Jester 3    .    Karma 4    .    Under My Skin 5    .    Losing Control 6    .    Wrong 7    .    Don't Go 8    .    Divided    
    • Not sure if folk know, but they got back together and released an EP this year. Anberlin     -    Silverline 1    .    Two Graves 2    .    Nothing Lost 3    .    Body Language 4    .    Asking 5    .    Circles It's not amazing, but I do really like this song from it-  
    • Not an amazing album, but pretty solid with a couple of very nice tunes-     They have a very comprehensive youtube channel for anyone unsure and wanting to give everything a listen- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYECJVZLOQebjAuj_HMKLjg  
    • Credit must be given where it's due, and I do like the effort put into this one. To be frank, I thought the first 5 songs were pretty shit. All the while I was listening, wondering what became of these guys. The most frustrating song of those first few is 'Eternal.' I wrote in my little ratings thing that it almost sounds to me like these guys are trying to sound bad because, otherwise, this is a pretty good song. But it's just done poorly.  Anyway, I want to be fair to these guys and I have to say, that from song 6 the mood in the room seems to lift and they start to give it a fair crack. They drop the mopey post-grunge blandom and have a crack at some decent melodic type of rock. Spoiler alert - I don't actually think there's a keeper track on the album, but holy shit they get close.  'Temples,' 'Alive,' 'Heaven Knows' and 'Someone's watching over me' are all, four in a row, good, strong songs. And then 'Love Is The Only Place' hits and I was taken aback. Unfortunately, they're not the band they used to be and I am 100% convinced they couldn't hit the heights of the debut even if they did everything possible to try... but goodness do they get close with this track. A bit of polish and finesse and this one wouldn't be a bad stab at what they did so well on their debut.  Sadly, the album's worst song follows in 'The Undertaker' - what a piece of shit, lol. Really grates me because this is the discussion point I've had with christians that aggravates me the most, and it's in a song, so naturally I hate it. And then 'Afterlife' isn't amazing, but pretty decent. Before the album finishes on a high, with one of the best songs on the album with a nice hook - 'Strange New World.' So overall, like I say, credit where it's due. After the first few songs I was close to closing up shop and calling this a pass, but thankfully, they took me on a ride and it was pretty cool. They're a dim shadow of the band they used to be, to be totally fair, but I like that they showed a bit of fight with this album. Better than expected. 
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