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Are there any motorsports fans in the house?


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Me and the missus are both motorsport fans and watch MotoGP, World and British Superbikes and F1. Does anyone else follow any of the races on here?

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It seems we are the only ones the Stefan. It's not been as good since they changed the engines last year i reckon.

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Cool, it's not such a lonely club on here after all :)


I'm looking forward to the race this weekend but i'm away for the night Saturday night and busy Sunday so will have to record it along with World Superbikes and watch qualifying Sunday evening and the races Monday evening

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I always record both qualifying and the races, so I can watch it saturday and sunday evening after my kids are tucked to sleep.

What do you think Mercedes did to Rosbergs car this year? I'm just wondering, since last year Rosberg and Hamilton were equally good, and the championship wasn't decided until the final race.

This year it seems Hamilton is half a second quicker than Rosberg per lap.

The Hamilton/Rosberg duel last year was almost the sole excitement of the season. Mercedes might not want that internal (cock)fight this year, so one could think they made a few 'adjustments' on Rosbergs car, making it consistently half a second slower per lap.

It just seems wierd to me if Rosberg suddenly lost speed for no apparent reason.

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So it looks like Rosberg has just been on the back foot for the first few races.


I agree Peter, what goes on off the track is very interesting and this year it will probably be more entertaining than the races! :)

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I watch F1, have for a long long time, back to early 80's

I remember I hadn't followed it for a year or so and tuned in one night when a race was on and it happened to be the race where Senna died. Kind of surreal that I hadn't seen anything for a year and then I click on the TV and within 10 minutes I'm seeing one of the greats crash.


Anyway, it's been pretty good for me in recent years with Webber up there, and then Ricciardo coming through.

Unfortunately this year has been pretty boring for me - maybe I was spoilt with Red bull when Webber was driving and many others found the races boring.

It would be nice to see some more changes to spice it up a bit.

Maybe two tyre suppliers again?, they'll never start refueling again for safety reasons

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Sadly, Jules Bianchi passed away on 17th July from inguries suffered in the Japanese Grand Prix last year.

On a wet day he collided with a tractor which was recovering a car that had gone off at the same corner a few laps before.

Normally F1 is way over cautious with these types of things and bog down the race.

In this case, I was surprised that they only waved yellow flags rather than a safety car given the terrible conditions.

Regardless a mistake that they will no doubt learn from, and I guess I won't complain as much when they are over cautious in the future...

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