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Romeo's Daughter - Spin


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From romeosdaughter.co.uk:


Romeo's Daughter Spin new CD pre-order

After a great weekend at HRHAOR where we played two songs from our new album Spin, we’re delighted to give you the option to pre-order a copy of it from here in our online shop.

This is Romeo's Daughter’s fourth, eagerly awaited, album and is recorded by the band and produced by Craig Joiner and Ed Poole. To hear an exclusive sample of all the songs on the album go here.

The first 200 pre-orders received will be signed by us all, numbered and dated and are priced at only £11.99 each. This price is fully inclusive of all post and packaging world-wide.

We aim to dispatch the CDs so that they will land on your doorstop on the Friday 17th April prior to the official release date of 20th April 2015 (UK only). If for any reason there is any delay we’ll notify you accordingly.




Leigh Matty vox, Craig Joiner guitar, Ed Poole bass, Andy Wells drums










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Sounds pretty good there. Already based on that, could even be a little better than the last one.

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Great album this one, with songs up to their usual high standards. Maybe a little short of the previous 'Rapture' album, but excellent non the less

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I was actually thinking - though it was only my first spin - that this probably topped the last one quite easily. But I'll wait for further spins and direct comparison. I did think there were 2-3 really blatant, weak fillers, but I thought the best songs on here (about 3-5 of them) were excellent, and better than the best stuff on the last album.


But yeah, more thoughts to follow. Good album, and excellently produced too.

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It's Leigh Matty. I of course love it. I agree there are a couple of fillers in there but her voice still makes them listenable.


Enemy the stand out track at first listen. The rest grew on me.


Didn't see you coming very unnecessary. Which means it's probably Geoff's favorite.

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Really liking this, and 'Didn't see you coming' is the best song on here.


Haha, psych. ;) Just messing with ya.


Or am I? To be honest, it is actually my 4th favourite song on the disc, after the splendid 'All because of you,' 'Enemy,' and 'Tall buildings.'


The only song I really dislike on the album is 'Perfect Plan,' and 'Radio' and 'Tonight' are also both pretty weak. But it's a good album overall.

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Is it really that far off? Multi-layered background vocals. Bit of build and blast.


I think the Mutt Lange/John Parr produced albums is in my top 10 favorites of all time. An album that should have taken them to stardom but somehow just became a cult classic.


I really need to listen to this on some decent kit though. Only heard it on my laptop at the hotel so far. I'm curious what it sounds like in it's full glory.


Usual disclaimer that I would have Leigh Matty's babies though so may be a bit bias.

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Yeah, I don't feel like these guys are far off their prime at all. I'd have to play all 4 albums alongside each other, but I feel like this would be on par with the first two.

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