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Headlight Bulbs


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I remember the good old days when you had a headlight go out you could replace the whole unit in one easy step.Today they have light bulbs which adds more aggravation than anything.Of course the headlight out is the one where the hood holder stick is located so there's another obstacle to get around !

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Don't get me started on this.....for a few weeks I've had a light on the dash saying one of my lights saying a light was out. I couldn't figure which it was. Then the other evening one of my dipped beams blew and I made the connection that the original alert was for the sidelight as I forgot to check them. Anyway I needed two bulbs. Went to the shop and bought a side light bulb and a main beam bulb.....as I was paying with a card the guy said I needed to make a purchase of over £5 and suggested I buy another sidelight bulb (50p or something) to knock it over the mark. I said...no you know what I'll have another main beam as they always go on mine. So I fitted the lights (more on that later) and then 3 days later the other sidelight bulb blew!!! Hahaha! Shoulda listened to the guy in the store.


So to get to change the dipped beam and sidelight bulbs I have to turn the front wheels to full lock so I can access a panel under the wheel arch. Take off a rubber cap and reach in through a 4" wide hole and remove the bulbs. You have to be on your back to do it...but I can do it pretty quick now. The only thing is - on the driverside a few years back the clip that held the main bulb in place got caught on a wire and came away, looking at it its hard to tell if it snapped or came out of it's fitting....either way I spent about 2 hours swearing and sweating trying to reattach it through that 4" wide hole!!! Never managed, so to hold the bulb in place I have to use a plastic coffee jar lid so the convex side pushes up against the bulb fitting and then duct tape it in place .... pain hate changing that side now!

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My cars battery is encased. Is there any reasonable explanation for that?


Is it also hidden in the trunk below some air ducts and other gadgets, so you have to disassemble half the car to get to it? Because mine is...

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