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Serious Black - As Daylight Breaks


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Better than I expected. I expect that metal traditionalists will find it "samey" to a lot of power metal out there, but there is a very melodic aspect to the choruses that I think will make it more enjoyable for melodic rock fans.




Roland Grapow (Masterplan, ex-Helloween)

Thomen Stauch (ex-Blind Guardian)

Mario Lochert (ex-Visions Of Atlantis)

Dominik Sebastian (Edenbridge)

Jan Vacik (ex-Dreamscape)

and (last but not least) the golden voice of Urban Breed (ex-Tad Morose)




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Were they different songs, 'cause the drum track sounded identical on all of them. ;) Nah, the 3rd one seemed like a good straight forward hard rock song. The rest? I don't think these guys are for my ears. :)

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It's awesome, funny thing is its milder than I thought it would be. Also, I grabbed the jpn version and the few bonus tracks are very mellow.

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Sounds pretty good. Some of the tracks remind me of early Axel Rudi Pell (good thing) but the soppy title track reminds me of Michael Jackson, "Earth Song" or some such drivel (really, really bad thing). Not essential for me, but I might download a couple of tracks.

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