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Edge Of The Blade - The Ghosts Of Humans


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ZOMFG, I was just listening to the first two After Hours discs 2 days ago. I was wondering what had happened to the lead vocalist (actually forgetting about 'Against the grain' at the time).


I'm a bit torn over those samples. Some sound pretty good, others sound pretty bad. I'm a bit puzzled why two "legends" of AOR / melodic rock would team up for a heavy metal project, and I feel like their talents could have been put to better use... but it sounds okay, in places. Just...

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From Escape Music:

Edge of the Blade is an exciting new band that features Alan Kelly (Shy), John Francis (After Hours) and very talented Guitarist, Keyboardist, Producer and studio Engineer Andrew Chick with his razor sharp production. They have managed to create a really professional sounding new band and their debut album “The Ghosts of Humans” is poised to set pulses racing.


The band have a wide ranging influence and the music sweeps from hard hitting melodic rock to majestic melodic metal with plenty of clout. With doffs of the hat to nu melodic metal rock similar to bands such as Alter Bridge and Avenged Seven Fold with great melodies! Edge Of The Blade have given us some refreshing slants on the rock sound. This is really well thought out music that stands out in the crowded market we have today. Tracks like Vital Signs, Mr. Hell and River Runs Red are just great examples of what this band have to offer us.


Edge Of The Blade are an outfit worth watching and they are bound to catch your attention with their new album “The Ghosts of Humans”, soon to be released on Escape Music.



Release date: 24th July 2015
Catalogue No: ESM279



Vital Signs


Everything I Own

Mr. Hell

River Runs Red

Who’s In Control

The Taken

Down On My Knees

The Ghosts Of Humans

Promised Land

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Not a fan of the vocalist......

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Not a fan of the vocalist......


Really? I thought the vocals were great - maybe the best thing about it. Quite original unlike all the generic modern rock and metal singers. Will be reviewing this one...

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It's an average song. Do you guys know After Hours? For me he was always the question mark in that band as I was never really a fan of his vocals either. But there's a hell of a lot more wrong with this project than just his voice...

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