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Bill Cosby


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I'm a little weirded out by the whole Cosby thing, cuz I'm a fan. I was never big on The Cosby Show but my parents had a bunch of his vintage stand-up comedy LPs from the 60s and 70s (Revenge, Why Is There Air?, 200 MPH, etc.), I grew up listening to those...to this day I can quote them (and the "Bill Cosby, Himself" concert film) chapter and verse.


However, these recent weeks are not the first time he's been accused of hanky-panky. A woman accused him of the same behavior about ten years ago but it was swept under the rug cuz the Cosby camp apparently paid her a bunch of money to make her go away. That's never a sign of an innocent man. (Remember, Michael Jackson used the same tactic to make his child-molestation charges disappear too...)


On the other hand, I found his recent social-media fiasco kind of hilarious in an awful way. Only a few days after all these Cosby-As-Rapist rumors started getting attention, some genius on his social media staff decided that it was a perfect time to have a "Make Your Own Bill Cosby Meme!" contest on his official Twitter....which, predictably, ended up getting flooded by pix that had been captioned with rape jokes.








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If this is true he is a fkn disgrace. You would think with his celebrity, money etc. he would have whatever he wanted. It's a sick prick that drugs and rapes women.

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I have laughed heavily at the banner things in this thread. I thought I heard somewhere on radio the other day that all charges were dropped? Not that that has anything to do with whether he did it or not...

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