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Thanksgiving road trip 2014


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Out of town for another holiday and had to cut trip short with some car problems. Had some nice finds thou.



Renegade III $5

Krokus: One Vice at a Time $6

Highwire: Seeing is Believing $3

Extreme: Extragraffitti (Jap w/ obi) $3

Backseat Romeo: S/T (1993 ICE Production) $6 (first one in over 10 years)

Poison: Great Big Hits Live! $1.50



Bad Heaven: Crystal Dagger .79

Kiss: Animalize (IMD Press - different cover & logo) $1

Kiss: Rock and Roll Over (Casablanca, different cover, made in France) $1

Kiss: Creatures of the Night (Casablanca, somewhat different cover w/ makeup) $1

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I can't remember the last time I went on a CD hunting trip. I used to go several times a month. Everything has dried up around here. No more dedicated 2nd-hand CD stores. Pawn shops don't carry CDs any more, and even when they do it's all garbage... rap, industrial, electronica, classical.

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Yeah, not something you can still do here anymore either - they just don't really exist.


Anyway, great find with the Backseat Romeo disc. Sad truth is, you probably couldn't sell it on ebay for more than $6.00 anymore, but it'd still be a find that'd get the heart rate up for a few seconds.

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Thanksgiving break 2015


Out of town again, not much to do, off to the store.



Hard 'n Heavy Rarities Vol 4 (Roadrunner Insane, Dark Starr) 7

Wildfire: Dreams in Action 5

Brandy Lies: Firewater 6

Ratt: Tell the World: THE Very Best of Ratt 6

Dirty Blond: Cardboard 7



Felony: In The Name Of... (sealed ep) 4


Not to bad.

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