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Butch Walker adds SOUTHGANG song to his set!


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Butch Walker adds his former hairband’s single to set list
Posted by: Metal Sludge in Various Sludge
5 days ago 2 Comments 1,443 Views
Georgia — Butch Walker brings it home for an acoustic live show …and in a rare moment sings an old Southgang song, “Love Ain’t Enough” a favorite of Big Butch’s and dedicates to his former bandmates, Jayce, Slug and even Jesse whom he says he doesn’t talk to but wishes well..
Check out the video from Butch’s show live from “The Grand” in Cartersville, GA last Saturday night (11-29-14).
We’ve also added SouthGang’s video for “Love Ain’t Enough”
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Yeah, what's the Butch Davis thing all about?


Anyway, that's very cool. Man, what happened to this guy? Did anyone here even bother with those two albums he did with the Black Widows? I think I tried one and hated it so much I vowed not to try the other.


Anyway, I just saw he actually has a new solo disc due in 2015 called 'Afraid Of Ghosts.' There's a lead single on youtube I'll post. Sounds really mellow, which is cool with me. Probably going to be a pretty deep, possibly moving disc; all written after the passing of his Dad.


I really hope it's a good album as I really want to get back on board.


Anyway, here's the single. Mellow, but I like it:



Oh, and how awesome is the Southgang video? :lol: So cheesy when they take it so seriously. Haha. Flawless song, though, and one of my all time faves. And who am I kidding... I dig the clip, dripping in cheese or not.

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I like 'Love Ain't Enough' but Butch sounded tired and a bit off key, don't you think ?

Nevertheless it's still a nice and relaxing rendition of the power ballad, I guess a one-time reunion album of Southgang is quite nice, Frontiers usually like to handle this kind of thing :)

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