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Frontback - Born With A Secret


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From FB:


Frontback is a hardrocking band with a really catchy sound!
The band have been playing all across Sweden and have had the honour of supporting some really cool bands, such as Status Quo, Freedom Call, Bullet, CrashDiet, among others... A fantastic experience for the bandmembers and a lot positive reviews in the press.
Frontback won "Rockkarusellen" in Småland 2008 and came on 4th place in the Final. Frontback has also won "Challenge 57", been in Final in Jack Rocks Sweden and other competitions!

Frontback played at Sweden Rock Festival 2012 in front of 1,500 people, which wasn't too bad at 01.00 pm on a Thursday ;)

Debutalbum "Born With A Secret" was released in March of 2013 to raving reviews, receiving 7/10 in Sweden Rock Magazine and 4/5 in the local papers. Sweden Rock Magazine considered Frontback to be an interesting act to follow in future.

In May 2014 FRONTBACK released the video : You need my Honey?!

With an equal amount of will and determination from each member of the band, this group wants to create an original sound, be one with the music, be FRONTBACK. With this in mind, the band delivers live performances with a huge amount of heart and soul. Frontback belongs on stage and is ready for the future!




Anlo Front - Lead singer and guitar

Jonas Persson - Bass and backing vocals

Axel Graneskog - Lead guitar and backing vocals

Koffe Stridh - Drums and backing vocals








Some older tracks from 'Born With A Secret':






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FRONTBACK - Heart Of A Lion (2017)




Text from Internet Sources


Swedish rockers FRONTBACK are releasing today their new album entitled "Heart Of A Lion", the follow up from the band's catchy debut featured here on the blog when appeared.


The new record continues with the band's appealing brand of melodic upbeat melodic hard rock which at places borders on retro '80s pop rock with a simply killer guitarist in Axel Graneskog.


Female Anlo Front, the band's lead singer, put muscle in every track here and along with the crunchy and heavier guitars make this album a must check for every serious female-fronted hard rock fan out there.


The first three songs, the poppy (yet powerful) "All The Way For Fame", the melodic rocker "Dead Man On The Road" and the hard rocking "Honest" are some cool samples of Frontback's music versatility: kickin', catchy and with the necessary melody enough to make you stand up and turn the volume on.


Other cuts such as "On And On" add more groove to the proceedings while in "Destiny" we are dealing with a killer and more commercial melodic hard rock tune.


Frontback's second album "Heart Of A Lion" is a fine piece of pure and old-school melodic / hard that is really enjoyable from start to finish. There's 10 strong songs, solid musicianship, and while production could be better, the band delivers a truly feel-good vibe all over.


So, if you love upbeat and in-your-face female fronted heavy rock stuff, then "Heart Of A Lion" is a release that you have to check out.


01 - All the Way for Fame
02 - Dead Man on the Road
03 - Honest
04 - Rival Sons
05 - On and On
06 - Liar
07 - Black Night City Light
08 - Destiny
09 - Fender
10 - Remember


Anlo Front - Lead singer and guitar
Axel Graneskog - Lead guitar and backing vocals
Jonas Persson - Bass and backing vocals
Koffe Stridh - Drums and backing vocals



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I don't think I ever checked out the debut, and despite that being kinda solid, I don't think I'd check out the new album either.

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