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Bon Jovi: "New Jersey--Deluxe Edition" review (Hardrock Haven)

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I still remember laying my hands on this baby back in the day and thinking, "Holy crap, they may have actually been able to top 'Slippery'!" When I got this assignment for Hardrock Haven, I thought, "Holy crap, it's been 25 YEARS?" I willingly took a trip down nostalgia lane to review this remastered Deluxe Edition of Bon Jovi's classic "New Jersey" album, complete with bonus tracks and a whole disc of demos. Click the link below to see if it's worth the double dip.


Bon Jovi review


It's an upgrade, no doubt. But is it worth the money, or should you avoid it like ... bad medicine. (Cue groans now.)

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I'd pretty much agree with that. Nice to have the 'Sons Of Beaches' demos, which are very listenable and enjoyable on the whole and the 'Access All Areas' DVD is also worth a watch.. A good package overall

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  • My Little Pony

It has significantly dropped in price on Amazon UK as well.

When it came out it was nearly £30, and now its around £20.

Damn! That's still pretty steep.

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Originally it was over £30 when I preordered, and I was hoping it would drop significantly before it came out.

By the day before it had only dropped to £28 so I cancelled. Even the week or so after it was still around that price.

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