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Ragdoll - Ragdoll Rewound


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From www.bravewords.com:


Australia’s fast-rising rockin’ trio, Ragdoll, issued their latest release, Ragdoll Rewound, today (May 23rd) and to celebrate the release they have uploaded a new video for their leadoff single, “Tell Me”. Created by emerging Australian illustrator Chris Reeve, the clip is a tongue in cheek/superhero themed video, using animated photos cut from the band's adventures.


"Working with Chris on this video was so fun and spontaneous," recalls drummer Cam Barrett. "He brought 'Tell Me' to life in such a fresh and unique way. We love it!” And the band's singer/bassist, Ryan Rafferty, feels the song itself is one of the band's finest - "'Tell Me' is everything this new CD represents; revisiting the past while looking forward. Play it on repeat!" Rounding out the band is guitarist Leon Todd.

Ragdoll Rewound is a compilation of Ragdoll's first two releases (Ragdoll Rock and Here Today) plus four live recordings, one of which is a new composition, "Rewind Your Mind". The trio revisited the first EP and had it remixed and polished the way they had always wanted to hear it. Songs like "Foot To The Floor" sound leaner and meaner while "The Feeling" is even more epic. Any issues the band may have had with the original Here Today master have been fully rectified here too; while the new master of "Tell Me" in particular is a lot more dynamic and more true to the original mix.










“Here Today”
“Tell Me”
“Could It Be Love”
“Heaven Above”
“Overnight Sensation”
“Foot To The Floor”
“The Feeling”
“In My Mind”
“Rewind Your Mind” - Live
“All I Want” - Live
“Tell Me” - Live
“Foot To The Floor” – Live



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Any one know where you can find the actual cd's in the US. I went to their website but you have to purchase each one separately. When you click on it, it takes you to paypal to pay for it. They don't have a "continue shopping" option. I really don't want to checkout and pay $6.50 for shipping for each cd.


Kind of sucks. There is a lot of good music out there that is hard to find on cd in the US. I don't really do the digital download thing. I love having the actual cd's.

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Really good band. I've loved their stuff so far and am saddened there's not really anything new here. One song, is it?

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Hey headbanger, their site has them touring the USA this month and next. Surely you'd be able to buy them at the gig?

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Good stuff from a good album. I believe the entire thing is a collection of previously released material, but it's good.

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