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FOZZY - Lights Go Out (new single) Lyric Video


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I don't mind that. It's pretty bland until the decent chorus. This guy's stuff has never interested me at all, but that's not too bad. Almost sounds like Saliva or something like that.

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Not one of their best, but still a good song. That said, its normal for me to not be blown away by a Fozzy song, only to hear it again a while later and love it.

I barely noticed God pounds his nails when that was released, but months later I was playing the shit out of it all the time.

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I said it in another thread, but I didn't like this that much and I am a staunch Fozzy fan. that said ever since they progressed away from the mostly covers into only originals they lost me...


First 2 releases are still the best by far with the S/T being essential!

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I felt that All that remains was a bit hit or miss, but Chasing the grail and Sin & bones were a much better return to form.

For me, To kill a stranger from Happenstance is still one of, if not their best song ever.

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