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Finally! This will keep me busy!

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I might have missed a few of your posts but I thought you were going digital? I guess not ;)


Japanese pressings can be better in that they can often contain some bonus tracks. For example the Dynazty and Steel Panther CDs that Mullethead got both have a bonus track.


Great haul btw!!!

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Nope, I don't remember ever saying I was going digital but my old man brain may have forgotten about it. I did say I was going domestic and selling off my Japanese stuff. I ended up doing the opposite :)


Yep, in fact all 3 Winger cd's above have bonus tracks, including 2 on the new one. The Bach has one as well. The Panther cd is the cd/dvd Deluxe version. Can't wait to check them out.

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Awesome haul friend!


I often like to buy several Jap new releases and that cost me around $30/cd shipped from Japan.

I'm trying to collect the Jap releases of my own top 10 each year but too bad some CDs aren't produced there, like Confess - Jail :(

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btw J, did you buy the Kane Roberts and Rough Cutt from a Japanese store or ebay ?

Most of the cd's from Japan now are around 2400 Yen so comes out to $25 USD. Really not that different from some you buy anyway. Some will argue but I will say I am more comfortable with their durability over any other country. CD rot will not likely set in on these as they are still made "heavy" instead of this cheap shit made everywhere else.


The Kane Roberts was bought from a private seller but I use Japamart to buy most of the more rare items but you have to be able to read a little Japanese believe it or not. I pay for everything in Yen so there is conversion as well but I have some of my more hard to find items from there such as Quiet Riot - Condition Critical W/ Box Obi, Fate - Matter of Attitude W/ Obi, My Ozzy 1st Pressings, Etc. I watched twice a Metallica Master of Puppets 1st press with box obi sell for $1200-$1400 USD.

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