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Important: CD Reviews!

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If you are posting formal lengthy reviews of CDs here on the board, please only post reviews that are YOU have written. Do not just copy and paste someone else's reviews without attribution. Reviewers work hard to write effective complete reviews, and to just paste them onto another site as if it were your own is not only majorly uncool, but is in effect committing fraud.


If you see a review that has content you feel would benefit the HH community, then small excerpts are fine, as long as you name the source and link to the original review at the top of the post.





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well said.......seen far too much of this lately.

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Small excerpts? How do you define small? (Yeah yeah yeah...SHUT UP! ;) )


If I want to quote a review it should be unedited IMO.


I guess I'm guilty of not including links to the reviews and maybe quoting lengthy ones as well but in my defense I ALWAYS name the source. I'll include links from now on...


How 'bout press releases? Are they OK unedited?

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Press releases are absolutely fine unedited, as those are intended to be redistributed from the start.


When someone goes through the effort, however, of penning a fullscale review, those usually are NOT intended for redistribution, especially when unattributed. It's like writing an article; copying it without revealing the source and passing it off as your own is plagiarism. It's original content created by the author.


I think that if you post a review prefaced with "This review was written by xxxx at LINK" that should cover all the bases.


In the most recent case in question, the poster made it appear that the review was his original content, which was not the case.

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I actually should have known better.... as I deal with these issues as a moderator of a major newspaper.


I will adds the link and/or author from now on.

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    • Lyric video for the song "She Leads You On" from the upcoming album    
    • Slowly becoming one of my faves this year
    • That song was one of two that almost... almost got me. A nice chorus, but a song is more than a chorus.
    • Oh, and by the way, have you guys tuned into the shredding going on at the end of 'Fight for love?' Man that dude can play... 
    • The songs are always great - that won't be an issue with these guys. But it's amazing the influence a good production has on the songs, though. I was thinking today that for the hundreds of mundane releases you get per year - all well produced drivel - it's a bit of a crying shame when two of the premier acts "our genre" offers up submit albums with poor production jobs. And I speak of both Vega and White Widdow. Song-wise, easily two of the year's best albums. Production-wise, they would probably honestly, and sadly, be sitting in the bottom 5% of all 2018 releases, and that's a gigantic disappointment in my eyes.
    • Still I cannot understand  why you just don't let yerself  adore "Nothing To Die For" 
    • Yeah, I prefer rock covers of cool pop songs, to be honest. Hearing a song you always kind of liked done in a rock format is pretty awesome. It's a bit weird when the covers are already quality melodic rock songs.  Covering songs by the likes of Robin Beck, HOL, Hardline etc. does seem very futile, as you're never going to top those originals. Or Queensryche,  even if I'm not a mad fan. There are some odd choices for sure, but like I said, I still found enjoyment in bits of this.
    • Noted. I can honestly say - not kidding - that I would not be disappointed at all if they just re-recorded the debut with their current sound/production. I think it'd elevate a brilliant album to something completely sublime.  Amazing what a year can do to a band... 
    • My thoughts on this one are a bit jumbled. Do I like it? Hell no. Will I ever play it again? I said Hell No! Without any second guessing that first spin was the last time I will ever hear this, end of story.  But is it actually a dreadful album? I'd feel a bit harsh saying that. It's not really like anything I know, and in that regard I think it's pretty ballsy on his behalf. At this point in his career, the absolutely singular, only fans this dude has is the people who dug those first two HEAT albums. No one else knows who he is. So with this album he has undoubtedly disappointed every single fan of those HEAT albums that exists, but it's kind of ballsy. I assume this is something he's passionate about and I hope it attracts him some new fans.  For me, and probably every other fan of those first two HEAT albums, it's where we part ways and just acknowledge we're on different paths, but I'm not going to begrudge the dude for doing what he is passionate about. I'm really disappointed and sad that this isn't a killer melodic rock/AOR album, but I genuinely wish him the best with this thing. He's given us two killer albums, which is more than 95% of artists in "our genre," so may he prosper.  On the album, it's a weird ol' thing. Not really sure where he is going with it, but good luck to him. 

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