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Important: CD Reviews!


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If you are posting formal lengthy reviews of CDs here on the board, please only post reviews that are YOU have written. Do not just copy and paste someone else's reviews without attribution. Reviewers work hard to write effective complete reviews, and to just paste them onto another site as if it were your own is not only majorly uncool, but is in effect committing fraud.


If you see a review that has content you feel would benefit the HH community, then small excerpts are fine, as long as you name the source and link to the original review at the top of the post.





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Small excerpts? How do you define small? (Yeah yeah yeah...SHUT UP! ;) )


If I want to quote a review it should be unedited IMO.


I guess I'm guilty of not including links to the reviews and maybe quoting lengthy ones as well but in my defense I ALWAYS name the source. I'll include links from now on...


How 'bout press releases? Are they OK unedited?

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Press releases are absolutely fine unedited, as those are intended to be redistributed from the start.


When someone goes through the effort, however, of penning a fullscale review, those usually are NOT intended for redistribution, especially when unattributed. It's like writing an article; copying it without revealing the source and passing it off as your own is plagiarism. It's original content created by the author.


I think that if you post a review prefaced with "This review was written by xxxx at LINK" that should cover all the bases.


In the most recent case in question, the poster made it appear that the review was his original content, which was not the case.

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