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Hansel - Fluorescent Blue Lights EP


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It's so nice to see mhr alive & well enough to be performed by younger age groups here in Australia.

I hope it inspires many more bands to be playing this style of music, given that the band are from Newcastle, home to Aussy hard rock icons The Screaming Jets & ofcourse legedary grunge hard rockers Silverchair... I'm hoping Hansel's the next big thing from that city.

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Dammit, I really like that! Are their earlier efforts any good?


Never Say Die is awesome IMO. Murder 101 was their "hit" tune off that one according to the masses. My favorite is Eruption, along with Wild Tonight, and 1-800-Pleasuretown. I think they have a few tunes on their FB page to listen. Mission To Rock....its decent, but honestly just go with Never Say Die.

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Guest hanselrock

Hey all, Snake (the Drummer) from Hansel here.. Thanks all very much for the kind words! I noticed a few things in the comments That I thought I would clear up..


@martinsane (and everyone else for that matter) we actually have printed a limited number of CDs for the FBL release, if anyone is interested please inbox our facebook page. We haven't managed to get it onto the website just yet..


@manicego Funny you should ask, "Why does that video look like it's been pulled from an old VHS?" looks that way because the video was edited and then played out onto VHS tape, then captured back again - check out the pic here.. http://instagram.com/p/kREW4mmpEn/


Keep rocking guys!



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Wow, I heard they were on Australia's Got Talent but had no idea they made it to the semis!


This new EP is good. Consistent, good quality stuff. The middle 3 songs are particularly nice. Some good hooks.

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