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DNR (Dreams Not Reality) - Dreamfinity


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Anyone heard of these Italian guys? New album in the making.



From Wikipedia:


DNR (short for Dreams Not Reality - originally Do Not Reanimate) is an Italian rock band formed in Bologna, Italy.They have performed domestically as well as internationally at venues in Russia, Japan, Ukraine, and Belarus. Their look is self-described as "Eurovisual" - taking influences from Japanese visual kei as well as Western rock. Luminor, formerly of Cinema Bizarre, has collaborated extensively with the band. The band's full name changed to Dreams Not Reality after the departure of DeLord and Mantis, as the remaining members sought a more optimistic name.

Sebastiano Serafini joined the band in 2011 as the fifth member "Seba", playing keyboard and performing vocals for the band. Together, they opened up for Versailles on June 4, 2011 in Salerno,[ and also played at the 2011 V-Rock Festival held at Saitama Super Arena. The band was also part of the lineup for V-Love Live International, which took place two days later on October 25.Their first Single under the current lineup, "A Taste of... Eurovisual" was released on October 2012 DNR was the first non-Japanese band to perform at the Stylish Wave event at Akasaka BLITZ 13 May 2012 .





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  • My Little Pony

Their look infuriates me, but their sound is great!

Also, look at Terry go; throwin' up all these links and shit!

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Sounds really good. Not as glammy as the image suggests (unfortunately) but still sounds very good. I look forward to it.

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01. Rollercoaster
02. Another World Falls Down
03. Neverland
04. No Romance
05. Misleading Rose
06. It Will Rain
07. Miracle
08. Beyond This World
09. Break out and Live
10. When You Fall Apart
11. Beyond This World (Japanese Version)
12. Make Me Yours
13. Wasted by Dawn
14. Follow Me My Love




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