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Magnum - Escape From The Shadow Garden


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Everybody's favourite band ( :D ) Magnum releases their new album 'Escape From The Shadow Garden' in March.







1. Live `Til You Die
2. Unwritten Sacrifice
3. Falling For The Big Plan
4. Crying In The Rain
5. Too Many Clowns
6. Midnight Angel
7. The Art Of Compromise
8. Don´t Fall Asleep
9. Wisdom´s Had Its Day
10. Burning River
11. The Valley Of Tears

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This is why this board is so dead most of the time. Stefan posted this back in January and besides his own added posts, not a single member has commented. I'm almost at the point where it's not even worth it to post a thread anymore because they mostly go ignored.

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Like this album. Although since they reformed after Hard Rain, they lost that 'instant' thing. None of their songs grab me on first listen but instead they slowly grow.


This album is worth sticking with. Good production and sounds better with each listen!!



Gotto laugh at Classic Rock's review…
"Magnum have been at it so long now they are starting to resemble little bearded elves, as featured in Rodney Matthews superb covers"

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Ironic really that I fell asleep during 'don't fall asleep'.....


I feel like to save time we needn't beat around the bush on CDs like this. It's crap. Simple. It really just is. It's bored, contrived, completely lacklustre and unmotivated rubbish. Sorry to be harsh, just trying to be as direct as I can to save confusion.

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