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  1. Got to hear that. Shame on me but I like the original. No. Prince was good. Especially when Wendy and Lisa were in the band. The solo in Let's Go Crazy is intense! And his Purple Rain film is as good rock n roll movie as you're gonna get!
  2. Mentioning Prince a few times! Enuff Z Nuff do a killer version of 'When doves Cry' on their brand new album!!
  3. My favs are 'You're so Vain' - Faster Pussycat 'We will Rock You' - Warrant who make it sound a bit like Cherry Pie! 'Somebody to Love' - Waysted.
  4. I love that album despite it was panned by Kerrang at the time!! 'Congo Square' is a pure classic and up there with 'Rock Me'. I thin the production is what makes 'Hooked' so damn good. I was so good the follow up album 'Old Rose Motel' was average in comparison! Tc
  5. Hi JLP...nice to see a friendly face (so to speak). Where`s Rocknut lately? Does he come on here? I take it most people on this board have heard of Soul Sirkus? Lol! That thread at Exiles was the reason that I started searching for another board! hehe! Now listening to 'Prime Time' - Firehouse Tc
  6. The Usual Suspects - Joe Lynn Turner It` s really very good!! Tc
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