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The Treatment - Running With The Dogs


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I know the new video is already posted in the other The Treatment thread but I thought this release should get a thread on its own.


Out 4th of February.


Solid stuff!




Tracklist (Deluxe Edition):

CD 1:
1. I Bleed Rock + Roll
2. Drop Like A Stone
3. Get The Party On
4. Running With The Dogs
5. Intro / Outlaw
6. Emergency
7. She's Too Much
8. Cloud Across The Sun
9. Don't Look Down
10. World On Fire
11. What Is There To Say?
12. Unchain My World
13. Don't Get Mad Get Evil

CD 2:
1. The Seeker
2. She Does It Right
3. No Matter What
4. In My Chair
5. Running With The Dogs (acoustic)
6. I Bleed Rock + Roll (acoustic)

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Who else is loving this one besides me? Really diggin' every tune on this disc.


Emergency is probably my favorite track. The other tracks work so well and even the cover tunes fit nicely to close out the new disc.

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Yeah its a good album, and despite their love of covering 70s rock, their sound has always been more 80s orientated.

That said, everytime I hear I bleed rock n roll, I think its an Airbourne song at first :D

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Solid release, I love 'Emergency' a lot, the best track here I guess. The first track, 'I Bleed Rock + Roll' is also awesome, the title track also kicks some ass, 'She's Too Much' is also a lovable track, and 'Unchain My World' is a nice little ballad. The rest are even between 7 to 7.5, the production is worth a 9/10 but replay value probably around 7 because most of the tracks are kinda samey.



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The Treatment have named The Voice star Mitchell Emms as their new singer.


The Cambridge-based band split amicably with Matt Jones in March of this year. He had been with the group for six years. They have now announced 21-year-old Staffordshire local Emms as their new frontman, exclusively via TeamRock.


Emms – formerly of the band Misternothing – appeared on the 2013 series of BBC talent show The Voice, getting through to the live stages under the tutelage of coach Danny O'Donoghue.


Emms says: “I am stoked to be joining The Treatment. I’ve been a fan of the band for some time and I have the first two albums, so I already knew most of the songs.


"Matt always did a great job on vocals for the band and it is my intention to do the same.”


The Treatment have also recruited Toa Gray, brother of current guitarist Tagore, as a second guitarist to take the place of the departing Dee Dammers.


The Treatment are set to begin work on their third album in the not too distant future. In the meantime they will perform various live shows, including a slot at the Steelhouse Festival in Wales on July 25.



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While I like The Treatment, I would never call myself a massive fan so I kinda missed when they announced Matt had left back in March, but saw the announcement on FB today.

Weirdly, despite my never watching The Voice, I had seen some videos of the new singer on there a few months back.

He actually has a great voice, so should be a good fit I hope.He does appear to have different influences though, so not sure how it will all work out.

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My cousins son loves this band and the tracks i've heard have been really good but i'm yet to listen to one of their albums. I was under the impression they were going places so i wonder that the other opportunities are that Matt is pursuing. I've never seen The Voice so i've no idea who the new dude is.

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We are delighted to be able to reveal to you, the details of our forthcoming third album 'Generation Me' !!! Check out the press release and artwork below!

'The Treatment will launch their third studio album Generation Me on March 18 next year.

The latest record will debut the band's new members, lead singer Mitchel Emms – who replaced ex-frontman of six years, Matt Jones – and guitarist Tao Grey.

The band signed up to Frontiers Music srl for the follow-up to 2014’s Running With The Dogs, which was produced by Airrace and former More axeman Laurie Mansworth.

Tao says: “We honestly all believe this album is a huge step forward for The Treatment and we can't wait for you to hear it. We will be touring throughout 2016/17 and we look forward to seeing all you Treatment troops at our shows next year.”

They are set to play a sold-out show at London Barfly on December 19.

The tracklist for 'Generation Me' is as follows...

1. Let It Begin
2. The Devil
3. Tell Us The Truth
4. Generation Me
5. Backseat Heartbeat
6. Cry Tough
7. We Are Beautiful
8. I Know She Knows
9. Bloodsucker
10. Better Think Again
11. Light The Sun '

If you're excited to hear our new album, let us know below! And we'd absolutely love it if you could like and share the hell out of this post too!

We hope you're all half as excited as we are!

Happy Friday Troops,
The Treatment



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