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7TH HEAVEN - Synergy (2013)


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  • Audio CD (June 11, 2013)
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Label: NTD Records

1. We Live Life Young

2. Pages

3. Never Gonna Bring Me Down

4. Counting The Days

5. Rhianna

6. Power Of Love

7. Take My Heart (Do It All Again)

8. Live On

9. Light Up The World

10. I Begin Again

11. I'll Be Waiting

12. Why Ya Gotta Be Like That

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As far as I can tell, I'm pleased with this album and they manage to bring a step higher than the previous effort, 'Pop Media', although still two steps behind the great 'USA/UK' of 2008. The new singer, Anthony Fedorov (which was an American Idol contestant ?), fits very well here, he did a nice job, and the strength of this band is creating an irresistible catchy poprock tracks especially when you crank up the opening, 'We Live Life Young', what an amazing song and melody, this is definitely the best track of the album!


Second best should goes to 'Take My Heart (Do It All Again)' and third place was rewarded to the eleventh track, 'I'll Be Waiting' - a very nice mid-tempo tune with a perfect chorus. Other great songs like 'Pages', Power of Love', and 'Live On' worth checking out, and the rest actually are good too, except for couple of weaker songs like 'I Begin Again' or 'Why Ya Gotta Be Like That', ain't bad at all but need some push-push in the chorus department.


Production is flawless, very strong musicianship, and although I'm afraid the replay value fall around 7/10 because some part of this sounds quite samey and too formulaic for some I guess. Good thing is they seem to move forward to the right road and hopefully this new thing with the new singer will last and hopefully the next album will be even better.



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Good solid disc, and as with the last 2, mostly the same comments apply here. Good, solid Pop/Rock tunes, maybe a little samey after a while and I do wish they would beef up the rhythm section a bit..otherwise a very enjoyable disc

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Production is flawless


Sir? Whatnow?


I love this disc. In a year that hasn't been that amazing, I have to say this at number 4 for me so far this year. I have always loved these guys and they've once again given the fans exactly what they've grown to love through the years. The brilliant thing about this band is you barely even notice the vocalist changes, lol.


Glad to see they culled the track list this time and even though there are a couple of weaker songs (as Nightrain correctly notes), for the most part it's great stuff. Such consistent, catchy song writing. My faves are numerous, and are 'We Live Life Young,' (my favourite), 'Counting The Days,' 'Rhianna,' 'Take My Heart (Do It All Again),' and 'I'll Be Waiting.'

Good stuff. Only shame is again, the weak production. Like Jez says, would LOVE to hear these guys just once, with a good production job and a solid rhythm section. Just once, please...
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7th heaven parts with Anthony Fedorov

It has been agreed by the entire band that we must part ways with Anthony Fedorov immediately. We do not plan on canceling any shows and we will be working very hard to maintain an excellent show for you until we can hire a permanent replacement. In the meantime, Keith Semple will return as lead vocalist for most of our shows thru the end of 2013. While Keith is not returning to the band full-time, he is coming back to help us out and will be singing at a majority of our remaining booked shows including tonight's performance at Rivers Casino.
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I'm interested... anyone know what happened there?


Unbelievable. These guys can't hold a vocalist for more than a single release, ever. Yet amazingly, they have such a distinctly signature sounds that their albums have never once suffered for the constant changes in lead vocalists. As impressive as it is intriguing.

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