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Heavens Fire - "Judgement Day" featuring Darren Smith (Harem S


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JT Harris: Guitars/keyboards/vocals

Darren Smith: Lead Vocals

Andy Narsingh: Bass/vocals

Alexis Von Kraven: Drums



Band Biography


"Guitar Player Wanted" ……………..said the ad in the classifieds of a Toronto newspaper in the spring of '98. A local power trio by the name of ARSIN were in search of a guitarist to complete their lineup. Not long after the ad was placed, they got a phone call from a local axe slinger who wanted to know more. They told him auditions were being held Friday but he insisted they exchange demos that Monday. ARSIN agreed and soon after hearing each other's music, an early audition was held……… JT Harris had just become the new guitarist to ARSIN.


Only 2 years later, ARSIN who later changed their name to HEAVENS FIRE were signed to Now and Then Records. The band was very excited and was preparing for live shows to support their debut album. First stop, the U.K. to be followed up with shows in Europe, Germany and Japan but unfortunately tragedy struck. On the same day of the album release, original founding member, drummer and close friend Mike"Mic Mac" MacKinnon had passed away. The band was completely devastated and the tour was cancelled.


After taking a 6 month break to deal with everything that had happened, HEAVENS FIRE were finally ready to carry on and started rehearsing with a local drummer. In the fall of 2001 the same tour was booked, yet once again, tragedy had struck the band. JT was diagnosed with cancer and only given months to live. He ended up beating the cancer but soon after that, his dad of whom he was very close with was diagnosed with non-hodgkin's lymphoma, leaving him bedridden for years. In 2002 JT decided to walk away from the music business to stay home and take care of his father. Heavens Fire was done………


……………or were they?


By 2008 JT had become exceedingly restless from not playing the guitar for so many years yet alone playing any shows so he decided he could no longer turn his back on making music and started to play again. In Oct 24 2009 he played his first show in 8 years with a local cover band to get his feet wet. It was that day he realized he could no longer stay away from his true passion in life and started preparing for a new HEAVENS FIRE album.


Exactly one year later to the day, JT's father passed away peacefully in the hospital. The album's music was half finished at that point but JT could not write for months as he dealt with the pain of his loss. "All my songs were real sad and gloomy sounding as that's how I felt" said JT when asked about his song writing issues. "I wanted to write an album that had a lot of rockin' tunes on it. An album that sounded great to listen to while driving your car………..an album with no sad or depressing songs as I wanted the music to inspire hope and be used as an escape from people's problems rather than a conduit but I just couldn't get into the mood to come up with those types of riffs."


Fast forward a year later: JT had found his groove and was starting to write like his old self again. It was finally time to bring in the rest of the guys. He was lucky enough to find a young drum prodigy by the name of Alexis Von Kraven who even played in a similar style to Mic Mac. It was obvious at that point who was going to play bass: original bassist/vocalist Andy Narsingh. As JT anticipated, the three meshed well instantly as if they had been bandmates for years so now the only thing left was to find the right singer. After an extensive search both locally and on youtube they ended up hiring Darren James Smith (Harem Scarem) to sing on the album. "It wasn't easy to get Darren in on the project" said JT "as he was getting some pretty big offers elsewhere but after hearing the songs in preproduction, Darren was convinced it was a project he needed to be a part of." With the help of Andy Narsingh and long time business partner Billy McNicol, they came up with the remaining pieces needed to complete the album"JUDGEMENT DAY."


Heavens Fire will be bringing the show to a stage near you starting in the summer of 2013.







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Not sure it's my bag ... some really nice guitar in there, though.


Hmm ... liking 'Lost' ... this may grow on me.

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Completely missed these guys back when they originally released "Judgement Day". They posted a bunch of songs a few weeks ago on their YouTube channel, and this one popped up in my suggestions this morning... love it! :headbanger:


Love me some Darren James Smith on vocals! 

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