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Age of Days: "Radioactivity" review (Hardrock Haven)

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Modern hard rock bands may be a dime a dozen these days, but Age of Days (formerly Age of Daze) are better than most, really nailing that Nickelback/Hinder/My Darkest Days sound & style. To check out my full review for Hardrock Haven, click the link below:




One of my favorite CDs I've heard this year in the modern rock genre.

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My brother's actually right for once....I'm loving this new album. Even spent the $25 to get hard copy of it out of Canada. Highly recommend it!

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I like this one too. A few fillers, but stuff like 'Broken,' 'Live out loud' and especially the killer 'Did it for love;' all great songs. Strong album and better when they were Daze.

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I also just found out about these guys...gave Radioactivity a chance and I'm digging it. I think its a well produced modern rock album with plenty of hooks. I'm hearing some combination of Nickelback/ Hinder/Three Days Grace...


Favorite tunes are Bombs Away, Broken, Did It For Love...But honestly I find myself not skipping anything on it and it sounds great cranked in the car :)


It may not be totally original...but I'm liking it anyways. Hope these guys have the opportunity to do another album to see how they follow this up.

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