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Breaking News -- Casey Jones (guitarist) leaves De La Cruz


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Via Facebook:



!Attention! This will no doubt come as a huge shock to you all but it is with regret we must sadly inform you that our lead guitarist and dear friend Casey Jones has decided to leave De La Cruz.


This will come as a blow to not only fans of our band but also to followers of Caseys personal musical journey.


It must be stressed that this has occurred completely on good terms with no animosity from either parties whatsoever!


This is NOT the end for DLC, although it marks the closing of a massive formative chapter for us.


As a band this means we must now explore and consider various options and paths, but our commitment to staying true both to our DLC 'sound' and to our fans is non-negotiable.


We are here and we arent going anywhere.


From all of us at DLC, Roxx, Lacey, R.J and Grant, we sincerely wish our bro Casey the absolute best in all his endeavours,and all his life pursuits that we trust he will undoubtably excell in! Casey has written his own personal goodbye and message of explanation below:


"Over the last few months tensions have risen in the DLC camp. Not between any of us as friends, but on a business level due to the growing need for us to spend 95% + of our time on the management side of things rather than engaging with our music, fans and creating new and exciting tunes.


I never got into music to make money, get free stuff (although thats kinda rad), or for the business side of the music industry. Whilst i have learnt a lot about these areas and have gained a lot of skills, i just don't have fun like i used to. The music has gone. I can now understand why bands fall apart, not due to friendships or rivalry within the band, but because of the immense pressure, stress and somewhat disheartening cutthroat nature of the music industry, the culture and the way it is run by the powers that be.


I would rather sit in my bedroom like i did when i was 17 and play guitar for hours on end, having the most fun anyone could in the world. That to me is what music is about, self-satisfaction, creative expression, enjoyment and a sense of escape.


I will still continue to make music, i will always be a life long learner and teacher of music. This isn't a goodbye, its just a new chapter for me, or perhaps an old chapter re-written"


-Casey Jones

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From a positive side, at least it is a good split instead of name calling and pointing fingers. That means you might see him on tour with the band for a show or two? Who knows...better than fighting.

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It'll be interesting to see how DLC cotinues without Casey as I've got the impression that the best songs are on the album are all his.

Casey's statement does fill all of us with hope that he'll form a new band & release more music, wonder if the songs are gonna be DLC songs the way they were meant sound instead of how they ended up sounding.

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Yeah, Anders, what on earth do you mean by that statement? Unfortunate news indeed, but here's hoping we get two great bands out of it.

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Recall a mate telling me a few things such as how the DLC singer & the guitarist Casey are constantly at it each other over songs. So I'm guessing over lyrics, arrangements etc... In then end the singer would win coz he'd get the majority support in the band.

Glad to hear those two are very much mates, just can't collaborate together anymore.


Alotta the songs on the DLC album were around before the band was a realty, before the singer joined.


Casey supposedly had much of the songs on the DLC album on his myspace as instrumentals over the years.

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Sounds like a damn good replacement.

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And now the bass player bolts:


Hey De La Cruzers worldwide, we've got some unfortunate news for you all, our bass guitarist Grant has decided to part ways with us. He has written his own personal note of farewell and explanation below, these things happen and we wish him all the best and thank him for his years of being in the De La gang. While it's tough, we will be looking to recruit a new bass player and the show must go on!
Thanx heaps, stay rad!


From Grant:
"Man, how do I say it…it’s with a heavy heart that I have to announce that I’m bowing out of De La Cruz.
It sounds cliché to put it down to issues in my personal life, but the truth is I’ve been having a lot of them lately and unfortunately it’s taken its toll on me emotionally.
As a lot of you will know, as a musician or a performer of any kind you need to have that fire burning inside of you from which to draw the passion and creativity necessary to do justice to your art, and unfortunately recent events in my life have extinguished that fire somewhat.
I wouldn’t want to dishonor the brilliant group of musicians that is De La Cruz or short-change our irreplaceably amazing fan base with anything less than the heartfelt passion that all of you deserve.
I’ve always believed that to make it in music you have to have two things – A point to prove and the talent to prove it…and at this crossroads in my life I find the points I have to prove are becoming different to the ones that led me into music in the first place.
It goes without saying that I leave DLC with nothing but fond memories and positive vibes between all parties involved. No split from this band could ever arise out of negativity because you won’t find a better band of brothers than Lace, Roxx, RJ, Stevie and before that my man Casey.
I loved every minute of being in what I consider to be the best band I’ll ever be a part of and a huge part of me will always miss it.
I can’t leave without saying a deeply heartfelt thank you to each and every one of you out there who’ve taken DLC to your heart and helped make this band something I never thought I’d be lucky enough to participate in. The solidarity of rock’n’rollers across the globe is truly inspiring and I thank you all for keeping the greatest musical genres in the world alive and kicking.
Special thanks also to the countless world class bands we’ve been lucky enough to share the stage with, far too many to mention but I can’t not give a specific shout out ELEKTRIK DYNAMITE and thank them for all the mutual support and unforgettably rad times. VANITY RIOTS and LeSUITS both rate a personal mention as favorites of mine as well, thanks for rockin’ as hard as you guys do.
And last but not least, thank you to my De La brotherhood for the last 2 years of rad times, cosmic party vibes, genuine friendship and all the insane rock’n’roll experiences that I’ll tell my kids about one day…when they’re old enough Haha
I’ll be playing my last couple of shows with De La Cruz next weekend at the Tempo Hotel in Brisbane on Friday the 25th and at the Miami Shark Bar down the Gold Coast on Saturday the 26th and would love to see as many familiar faces out there as I can.
After that I’ll go back to filling the role I did before I joined the band…number #1 fan!!

Lots of love to all of you, Grant"

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