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BAD BOY EDDY - OVER THE TOP (Demon Doll Records)


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You may wanna take note of the upcoming album by BAD BOY EDDY called "Over The Top"! Melodic Ballsy Hard Rock with a slight touch of Sleaze! I will be showcasing the entire album December 12 from 7-10 PM EST USA on my radio show!


I do not see the album listed at demon dolls website yet but have Dave Sakers blessing to do this show. Dave was also in the band SAKER which was released through Retrospect Records.


Absolutely killer album! For those on facebook I have an event page here




All other info





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Love it. That's exactly what I like to hear - good, proper hard rock. Will definitely check this out. Love that solo too...

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Highly recommended!


Band produced CDR being distributed by Demon Doll. Usually not a fan of CDR's. Took a chance & not dissapointed one bit. Professionally done inserts. Great production for an indie release.




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Really, really cool hard rock release. These guys have a great sound, and like you say it's very well produced and they just sound like a band who's been doing this for years. Nothing amateur about this at all. Favourite songs are the first three and 'Living lies,' but there's nothing you'd call a filler on this one. Close to a must for any fan of 80's hard rock.

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Very encouraging comments. I ordered this one after listening to a few tracks online (lots and lots of times, to be completely certain!). 'I Don't Want You' particularly sounds like a great tune. Looking forward to playing the CD.

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1. Fever (3:05)

2. She Gives Me A Feeling (3:22)

3. I Don't Want You (4:05)

4. Super Sonic Freak (3:26)

5. Living Lies (3:29)

6. Funky Monkey (4:28)

7. Rad Ruby (3:07)

8. Teenage Sacrifice (3:52)

9. Fly Away (4:45)

10. Maker of Dreams (4:10)











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Got this one a few weeks ago. 5 or 6 good tracks on the album, including 'I Don't Want You', 'Funky Monkey' (quite funny/silly lyrics) and the excellent 'Maker of Dreams'. Really good 80s-sounding rock.

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