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Fork Lift training - straight from a horror B movie


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Yeah that is fucking hilarious, they outta use that instead of the basic OSHA video, it would probably be more effective, I know I wouldve paid more attention to it!

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I worked with a dude who went and got all stoned and lunch, when he came back, he forgot to lower his boom, and blew right from one doorway, into the next room, and it almost left a perfect imprint of his cage, if the middle hadn't have given out, I truly have to believe it would've been a perfect imprint, needless to say, a quick urine test, proved he was sober and sane, some of these people go to such great lengths to get away with getting high at work, that you would almost wonder how it doesn't completely stress them into the grave, way more work goes into getting away with the shit, then would take just not doing it, pretty irrational.

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