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Street Lethal - Deliver Me The Goods


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Anyone heard of these guys? From the same town as Reckless Love, Street Lethal delivers the goods on their debut 2-track MCD. Sounds a bit like Guns 'N Roses/Mötley Crue.

Soundclips here: http://www.streetlethalband.com/










By the looks of things this release is only available in Finland. According to Recordshopx: http://www.recordsho...e_the_goods/#cd


I'm thinking of ordering it myself so if anyone out there would be interested in having a copy, drop me a line.

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Sorry mate, would definitely have to pass on that. :(


For once I'm with Sir Geoff. Not sure how I'd describe this, but to me it's not like G'n'R or Crue. I'm hearing a cross between nu-metal, pop and modern rock ...I think.

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