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Non paying and unwanted bidders...it's an epidemic!

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I've been selling on Ebay for over 10 years now and in that time I've had about 100 to 150 transactions not completed because of bidders not paying or unwanted bidders showing up with another Ebay ID. So an average of 10 to 15 a year isn't so bad, however since May 4th, just over 6 weeks ago I've already had 20 transactions go up in smoke. The thing that makes it worse is the fact I'm now only selling about 50 cd's a month, I used to sell 50 cd's a week when the market was good between 2004 to 2008.


When 20% of your sales never go through it really sucks.


Just as a precaution to other Ebay sellers here are some Ebay ID's you should add to your blocked list.


flipperqween - Non paying bidder (1 transaction)


www_aor-melodicrock_com - also known as the douchebag www_dartweltmeisterin_de (Brigitte/Deiter Theil) (1 transaction)


slb4all - unwanted bidder also known as the rip off artist anaccapela10 from Portugal (10 transactions)


hard-rock-heaven - Non paying bidder from Greece (2 transactions)


timsee101 - Asked to cancel the transaction, he didn't want to pay for shipping, I didn't want to ship for free to Australia. (1 transaction)


tv2east2 - Non paying bidder (2 transactions)


adamantspike - Non paying bidder (1 transaction)


catlover052012 - Non paying bidder (1 transaction)


If anybody else is having similar issues with crappy bidders, please post it here, so we can add them to our blocked list.

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I had a bad case with hard-rock-heaven - Non paying bidder (1 transaction). He was paying the Japanese sellers but not me lol! The crappy thing is that I wanted the money more than the rich Japanese sellers :-(



Another one :



ebay id : embrace_the_emptiness - Non paying bidder from Finland (1 transaction)

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I guess I have been lucky, I might have had 3 or 4 over the last few years. Most of my high bid winners 50.00 to 200.00, pay within 24 hours most of the time. It also seems that nitwit from Red Lion, Pa. Chris (whatever he was calling himself) is finally off EBAY and no longer causing havoc with my demo cassette selling.

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More names to add to your blocked bidders list:


waggles68 - Non paying bidder (1 transaction)


jeremiah8835s.gif - (changed his mind and didn't want the item, so transaction was cancelled, not against Ebay policies, but it still pisses me off)

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You can add tokiohotel50 to the list ... he seems to make it his business to bid and never pay, then when the Seller leaves any feedback (in a 'it has to be positive, but it's really negative' stylee) he responds with threats and insults ... he's made his feedback private now so that you can't tell what an idiot he is ...


Apparently, he's got a handful of IDs ... I'll see if I can dig out the others ...

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Got this message from a buyer called atreyu-80 : "i wish to cancell,and u can offer next bidder the cd,as i have to wait another 2 week for my benefit money wich my parents cash for me." This was ten days after the auction ended!



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Christopher Martinez aka sasha_forever threatens negative feedback over common sense. Will win CDs and then claim non-receipt, do a chargeback, harass rinse and repeat. BLOCK THIS SCUMBAG or you will lose your money.

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