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The Morning After (Band)


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Yeah I read that review too - their previous album apparently had growls (not that ive heard it), but this sounds much more melodic rock to me - like the sound of that first single....will definitely check this out for sure.

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Not bad . Modern sound. Nice ruining it with growling vocals!

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So who checked this album out? Turns out it's actually pretty bloody good. A few real gems on here, like 'Limit' and 'America,' which were early faves. But overall there are only really a couple of mistakes and the rest is pretty awesome. The 10 minute song 'Stream of stars' is a dreadful choice. Weak as piss song with no hook, and it just drags, and drags, and drags. Mid album too - stupid choice.


The only other concern I have about it, is sometimes you can hear their accent. The good thing about 99% of British bands is that you can't tell the vocalists apart from US or Aussie vocalists, or good European ones. But there are a few songs here, especially towards the end, where they lay that dreadful British accent on pretty thick. I think 'Seasons' was one heavily accented track, and if I recall correctly 'Nightmare Planet' was a duet with - I assume - one of the guys from the band, and his vocal sections are seriously not listenable. :(


But I'm getting side-tracked. It's a good CD - should be getting a lot more recognition on this site. 'America' is a really great melodic rock, almost AOR track.

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I like it, in fact, it's a random test for me last year as I've missed this thread a while ago, but turns out to be great.

I think it's an 80% for me but probably not an easy task to find the CD except by contacting the band directly

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