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Game of Thrones - New HBO Show


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Two episodes so far and this looks like it's gonna be pretty good. I've never read the book it's based on but I am enjoying the series so far. With Sean Bean, Mark Addy and Lena Heady it has a great cast and several storylines going on at once. While it reminds one of the Camelot type middle ages story it also has a Lord of the Rings type fantasy story with different types of people from far away places and the spooky stories of the White Walkers.

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I haven't watched yet....I'll have to download the episodes but I have read the book....With this author anything goes, he doesn't follow the usual method of building up certain indestructible hero characters and having them carry the story. He can and does kill off characters left and right. Just as you get to know and like someone they die nastily....not really a bad thing and certainly different...depending on how closely they follow the book of course...

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I really like the story line. Also feel bad for that bastard child John Snow, his step mom sure hates him.


Very cool that you got these different stories going on up north. in the capital and that brother/sister with those horse people across the narrow sea. I'm looking forward to seeing where this all goes.


Also forgot to mention Peter Dinklage(the Dwarf) is one hell of an actor and has never got his due over the years.

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Damn I love this show and I'm also now reading the book. Great stuff.


Last night was shocking at the end when Jory gets the knife through his eye and Ned gets that lance through his leg!


Also when the Hounds brother cuts off his horses head I about lost my dinner.


And when Lyssa was breast feeding her son that looked to be at least ten years old that about made me sick.

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A great finale and it pretty much followed the book with Dany's dragons being born. It's picked up for season two and i'm in the middle of that book and it's been almost as good as the first one. Book five gets released next month so I'll assume that HBO has signed on for at least the first four books/seasons.

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I'm late to this show, watching it on dvd, now up to season 5. Season 4 was awesome. Sex, love, deceit, political corruption, revenge, gays, lesbians, dwarfs, eunuchs, violent action, dragons, knights, witches, the undead..... this show has everything, fun stuff!

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    • Really nice album cover indeed...but ten for me this last while...yawn...as Jez pointed out they all sound the same,i'd have difficulty picking which track came from which album tbh
    • Yeah it starts off very good then tails off round midway...but the defs have potential and judging by the new tunes could fulfil it...fingers crossed
    • And mine still hasn't been sent...quality service right there  too late to get a refund? lol
    • Yeah Badd Boyz is very good,would be my fav of the three...I really like the Platinum Overdose albums but I know where you're coming from,I also prefer their more melodic/glammy/sleazy side to the metal type stuff
    • Here's what it was for me, I mostly voted on familiarity: 1. I'll be honest, I didn't know who either of these singers were.  Of the two I've only heard music from Harem Scarem so it was Hess for me 2. I like Coverdale's voice more than Tyler's 3. I voted Michaels since I've only heard a handful of Enuff Z'nuff songs and I listen to a lot of Poison.  With such a limited sample size this might change when I hear more Z'nuff but for right now it has to be Michaels 4. Haven't heard a lot of Mason so I voted Jani.  As far as I'm concerned Jani is the full package when it comes to singer-songwriters, he's an absolute Legend 5. Of all of these I feel like this is the least fair comparison, they don't sound even remotely alike to me.  While Pearcy isn't a phenomenal vocalist in the traditional sense, he's so much more distinct in my opinion.  I think Phil's voice could get lost in the shuffle, but when Pearcy sings you KNOW it's Pearcy which is arguably more important in some cases 6. Haven't heard Queensryche with La Torre, so Tate it is 7. Bon Jovi is my favorite band of all time, come at me 8. Same with Tate, I've only heard Great White with Russell so Russ it is 9. I like both versions of Danger Danger for different reasons, but I have to go with Poley for this one 10. Haven't heard anything from Heart I don't think, so Elliot all the way 11. Haven't heard much of Cold Sweat or Cathey, but I do love that first Lynch Mob album. Point Logan! 12. Once again had to look these guys up, but this time I've actually heard one full album from each.  I assumed Bulen was Keeling, but that aside this was probably the closest one for me.  Ended up going for Baton Rouge but if you asked me in a few weeks that might change We should do this again sometime, maybe with guitarists/drummers/bassists/etc?
    • Your gonna make me do this aren't you? OK fine, well should've been vaxed, guess it serves ya right, you right wing Nazi piece of shit, why don't you go back to Hitler and check in, I knew your were fac, and your cis, all you fascists think your better then the law, it has to do with your cis gender, you cant help it, born in the coat of missing pigment your white supremacist privilege just eeks out,
    • to keep my reply simple, I basically agree with Geoff except the following - JBJ > Kip Having seen both live I prefer JBJ. Talking in their prime here Paul Laine > Ted Love Ted but Paul is far superior and superb live, one of the best I've seen. 
    • Actually I dont, Ive been conversing with Jinx Dawson!!!!!!! if anyone can touch that, I'll dress in drag and sing Wake Me Up B4 You GO Go! backwards!! if there was such thing, she would be goddamn key master, lol
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