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Cats In Boots

Captain Howdy

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Was just watching this video, so thought I'd post it (and more) on here.

Her monkey



Shotgun Sally


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I loved that debut great band. I did prefer Joel in Heavy Bones though I still loved CNB. I do remember seeing "Shotgun Sally" on Headbangers Ball back when it first aired and really liking that tune it took me years to finally get the cd. The Rock Candy reissue sounds great and of course the 4000 word essay is great as always.

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I actually didn't keep this CD. Had it many years ago and traded it off. I also much prefer Heavy Bones. Just couldn't get into any of the songs on the Cats In Boots CD, and I think it actually had a lot to do with Joel Ellis' vocals on the CD... plus I just couldn't find memorable tunes on it. :(

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Bad Geoff, bad, bad Geoff :tsk:


Off that debut I like Shotgun Sally, Nine Lives, Her Monkey, Long Long Way From Home, Evil Angel and Judas Kiss.

Coast To Coast is my favorite though, how can you go wrong with a song that starts like this:


"Urban assault and bourbon, sin and gin

Fear, amnesia, beer and breakfast on the bus"

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I'd go as far as to say that their isnt a single song on the album that isnt memorable, and every track is a standout.



Nicely said!


And I dig Ellis' voice on this, certainly sleezy/appropriate.


Love that last line about Mydol in Shotgun Sally.

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It always saddened me that their final album was that awful Last works collection of demo's (well I think they were demo's cause they certainly sounded like they were).

That album should never have been released as a Cats In Boots album as it sounded about as much like Cats In Boots as Bon Jovi sounds like Slayer.

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