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Norway - 'Rising up from the ashes'


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Any fans of this slab of melodic rock / AOR released back in 2006?


Track Listing:


1. Save Me

2. Anything At All

3. Only One I Need

4. American Girl

5. The Power Of Gold

6. Since You’ve Been Gone

7. Tell Me

8. Won’t Let You Down

9. Haunted


Chris (Clutch) was kind enough to hook me up with this one, so I could finally upgrade from my MP3s. Spun it today and I'd forgotten what a strong disc this is. I never much like songs about money (unless it's Tesla) and therefore I'm not a huge fan of 'The power of gold' and also the ballad, 'Won't let you down' is pretty useless. But aside from those 2, the other 7 are pretty great. The first 3 I am especially fond of.


Production is not the beefiest ever, but it's good enough and the harmony vocals are superb. Yeah, not a band that gets talked about much but I think this is a great CD.

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Yep, good band ! I have all three releases and enjoyed all of them.

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Thsi release was different than their first 2 with a different singer. Half is very strong, half is decent. Production was weak though, very muddy I thought and I do not have a sonic ear.


Their first 2 are solid aor/mr but a the first which I really like is softer than the others.


My 2 cents,



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I remember when I was doing a radio show with my friend, and she had a promo of this album.

We had to laugh at the band name seeing as they come from America, as it seemed a strange choice for a band name all things considered.


She had not listened to it before, and chose a random track to play on air.

The song, from memory, was American girl, and none of us were particularly blown away with it as it sounded rather generic.

Thats not to say it was bad, just that it didnt make any of us feel in a particular rush to hear the rest of the album.

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I don't know this band at all. What is the best album? Are they really really soft?

Songwise, I think this album, 'Rising up from the ashes', is their best. The debut is full of pretty good songs, but production on that is barely existent at all. Plus it's already so soft. The 2nd album, 'Arrival,' which as noted, was released on Frontiers... that one is easily the best sounding album, but probably also the most inconsistent. 'Cry baby' and 'Hole in my heart' are arguably the best, and heaviest, songs they ever released. But the rest of the album is quite weak.


Honestly, if I was going to recommend the band to someone it'd be via 'Rising up from the ashes.'

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