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Wild August


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Any other fans of these 2 Retrospect releases? Just got the two CDs recently and I'm really digging them, especially the first one. Good, consistent melodic/commercial rock tunes, with the only pity being that there are only 7 of them. The second album comes equipped with better production, and more cool songs. Anyone else into them?


s/t - http://www.retrospectrecords.com/products/wild_august.html

s/t 2 - http://www.retrospectrecords.com/products/wild_august_2.html

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Picked up '2' with the Foxx CD and it's another decent album. 'Bad Women' and 'Under The Rain' are the best tracks for me, really good hard rock songs, but the others are growing on me the more I play the CD.

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I've listened to them both once and thought.....average....but to be fair I need to play them at least one more time....

To be honest I'd actually heard and already dismissed the MP3s a while back, but I can't understand why. I'd somehow got a wrong impression of their sound/style. Now with the CDs in my hands and being able to give them a proper spin, for me it's just good ol' fashioned late 80's / early 90's hard rock that's pretty hard not to enjoy... imo.

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I saw Wild August at Rocklahoma and thought they were awesome. I listened to some of the song samples and was not impressed so I held off. I've been listening to Wild August 2 recently. Phenomenal release. The first vocalist reminds me of Ted Poley.

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