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Loud 1 is no more !


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It seems that Loud 1 mail order has ceased trading.A sad time !!!!!



Tough times indeed. I used to buy loads of stuff from Gez, but over the last few years, he hasn't kept his prices competitive enough with everyone else, sometimes even nearly double the price on certain titles. A real shame - he's not the first and certainly won't be the last.

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According to their website, they will be back soon and have a link to a PDF file catalogue and say to place orders via email.

Well,I received an e-mail thanking me for my custom,and after 16 years of trading they've called it a day !


If you ring the number they stat they will honour existing orders but they've CLOSED !!!!!!!

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Yeah, I got this msg too. Considering there was no closing down sale or anything, I'd be very surprised if he didn't open up some sort of site/catalogue to sell everything I assume he has left over.


I only ever bought the Aviator CD from him (thanks to Ian's guidance) but stayed on the mailing list. And like Jez says, always looked a little expensive to me. :)

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I got into rock music in 94/95 and it was amazing time to find all rare cds in bargain bins around the UK.


There was also specialist hard rock cd shops in my local town, sadly now gone.


Sadly times changed and as this music is very much an acquired taste and where you can buy any commercial album in UK supermarkets roughly 1/2 the price of that for a melodic rock cd.


I'm stuck in the 2nd hand market til my financial situation changes or rare occurrences like when I got vain 'No more strangers' as was worried it would be sold out and become a rarity.


On a Loud 1 note I ordered a few cds way back in the 90's and is very close to where I live!

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